SOLAR CELLS Monocrystalline DIY Solar Panels Make Your Own Free Energy

Making your own DIY solar panel is explained including DIY tabbing of solar cells for panels. This solar training video shows step by step training for people new to solar tabbing wire and a flux pens and soldering irons.
Visit for more information on building your own solar panels.

38 thoughts on “SOLAR CELLS Monocrystalline DIY Solar Panels Make Your Own Free Energy

    1. Christmas Eve

      Dan and Denise! You just hit the nail on the head… Custom panel size
      requirements! I want a low voltage and HIGH current panel instead of high
      voltage, low current, but I do not wish to go through the painstaking
      process you displayed in this video. Do you know if any exist out there? I
      want a 2V panel (so that’s 4 cells in series) and then I want a bunch of
      these strings connected in parallel for a greater current. The reason for
      this is to drive electrolysis of water in a SINGLE electrolytic cell
      instead of a more expensive stack of cells.


      +david Moore Cell cost has become less expensive too so building your own
      is a money saver BUT, I agree that a completed panel is a better bang for
      the buck when you factor in time and finished quality. DIY builds are a
      great learning experience and work well for custom panel size requirements.
      When we made this video, solar panels were 3x more expensive per watt than
      they are now.

  1. Max camilion

    Thanks for the video but what about the container in which the cells are
    kept? What can you use? My understanding is that it is the most expensive

  2. alireza Dehghanian

    Hi i have a question . please
    I have 60 cells. each cells has ( Vmp: 0.523 V Imp: 5.215A power:2.8W)
    i want to set up them on 6 column and 10 row to get (31V 8.55A 265W)
    i have a hard time to do this for couple days . can you help me to this

    1. Ayres Ryder

      if you are living in missouri by some weird chance i’d like to volunteer
      help with your project! i am a jack of all trades kind of guy so i might be
      able to help some. no moneies required 🙂

  3. Scotty

    Can u make me a two 1000 watt plug and play I can just plug into a
    dedicated outlet to hep save some $$$ on my bills? Hit me back up dude!

  4. yJesus Rojas

    2 panels connected parallel with each panel having 20 modules. Each module
    gives 24 volts. What is the total voltage of the 2 panels? 24, 48, 240,

  5. Felipe Sapon

    thank you for sharing this video i have a question for you where do i order
    those cell Monocrystalline also the tabbing wire and a flux pens and
    soldering irons please do

  6. Guillotine Media .com

    Why do you have to run the tabbing wire across the entire front? are the
    cells not already joined in the front from top to bottom? Can you simply
    bridge the tabbing wire from the bottom across the back of the 2nd cell to
    the top face of the 3rd cell?

  7. Franklin gatthie Huffington vionia

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    for sun to evolve into sun reach some present orbit if design everything
    might doe calculations.

  8. SysPowerTools

    I feel like you’ve been doing this a while, but you still don’t know what
    your doing. Video editing sucks too. especially for 2009. what is the below
    standard tv quality. looks like you recorded it with a moto razer form 2006

    1. Robert Vernon

      More than none and less than a lot. To be clear I am talking about the
      chains of cells connected with solder. Logically, the longer the chain the
      more slack you should leave.

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