How to build a self-powered lighting fixture. Need some power in a pinch? We can boot this device up with a flashlight. Here is what you need.

Here is what you need:
1. Small light fixture
2. Wired alligator clips
3. Solar panel
4. Flashlight

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38 thoughts on “SELF-POWERED LIGHT BULB!

  1. sameer ansari

    impressive !!! i think that i turned out to be a fool as an engineer
    studying all these power efficiency technique such as buck and boost
    converter ,mppt based control etc etc . i didn’t knew it was that simple
    .damn man

    1. Marlow Dupont

      +Phantom Gamer it’s not fake it’s just incredibly inefficient. The reason
      it lasts only 15 mins is because of the conservation of energy law. The
      bulb is constantly displaying heat energy to the surroundings

  2. KorAllRBare

    I would like to know wether a warm LED or a COOL White Led works any longer
    than the other, WHY I hear you ask?

    Simply to extend the current lighting time.. Oh and I am curious to see how
    many more watts my 2K solar panels may produce during the night, and I
    stress MAY, why I hear you ask? well every watt counts and if I can cut any
    of the 250 watts I currently use every night down even further, its worth
    making my current energy supplier squirm that much more..

    1. KJP12

      But it can be transferred, which is what it is doing allowing it to be self
      powered. Basically the light bulb gets powered, then lights up. The solar
      panel gets the light, then converts it back into energy. The energy is sent
      back to the light bulb to be done once again.

  3. Ace Winger

    unbelievable……cool stuff can’t wait to try it I’m roomies with Iron man
    he’s got plenty of that crap layin around……. use a .2wt super bright
    led bro awesome.

  4. KorAllRBare

    For all you knockers out there, get your self a cheap solar panel and
    connect up a LED light requiring half the voltage to it and count how long
    that light takes to go out once you have booted it up..

  5. Meganathan Thangaraj

    After seeing your video JAPAN closed their nuclear power plant. China and
    India 240 crore population using your trick. Most of the student spent 15
    mnts to see your valuable video.120 crore people stoped paying electric
    bill.NOTE:- do not waste valuable Indian Time. by posting…….

  6. Skilecco

    Well, I don’t know a lot about electricity, but I have a theory. If you
    would replace that wooden fork thingy with another solar panel, I think you
    would be able to use the energy to start the process again (using the power
    generated from the 2nd solar panel).

    Uhhhh.. If you don’t understand what I just said, it’s basically that I
    think you could get free energy.

  7. Univeяsal Pяoductions™

    Make the solar panel 120% efficient (it may take a few violations of the
    2nd law of thermodynamics) and enjoy all the energy coming from the solar

    1. KorAllRBare


      Don’t knock it, until you have tried it, LED’s don’t use as much current
      and because of that – the solar panels produce enough energy from the light
      source to power what I suspect is the LED light a little longer than lets
      say an incandescent light bulb would, the trick is to know what frequency
      “electromagnetic frequency” the solar panel/s are the most efficient
      “produce the most energy”, and by using a light “energy source” at the
      visible spectrum or better yet a frequency closest to that peak efficiency,
      mind you if illumination for lighting is not required, then matching the
      frequencies would be the ideal.

    2. cplcabs

      The solar panel needs more light than the light can produce. This obvious
      and does not need to tried. You can see its fake when he first shines the
      torch onto the solar panel….the light bulb goes on and off even though
      the torch never leaves the solar panel. In addition it only takes a small
      amount of light from the torch to “start” the device. No way this will work.

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