Making simple solar panels in poorer countries

If you are not from a poor country, maybe products, about bigger systems, might be of more interesting. I don't have any personal experience of their products. They look interesting. If any of you follow that link and try the products, I'd like to hear what you think. If the products are a disappointment and you describe convincingly why, I will remove the link.

This video is an introductory film from Graham Knight about DIY Do It Yourself construction of solar panels (by cutting up large commercial sheets and adding simple connections) suitable for running radios and mobile phones in developing countries. His site:
He has made a better presentation of this project here:

20 thoughts on “Making simple solar panels in poorer countries

  1. Błażej Buka Trefl

    @swahili77 ok. some former Polish railroad (PKP) employees that had been
    working in company for a long time, and where poor during comunism obtained
    social houses that where near the railway… they connect cables to
    something (i do not know what exacly, it looks like they are connecting
    them to the transformer) and they are leeching electricity. they know
    everybody in the PKP, so nobody make problems about it. yes, it’s illegal,
    but it is not mass-scale. my homie told me about 2 of them/ 80 km

  2. RenewableEnergy4U

    Nice one Graham. It works, and it’s simple. So as usual the people who can
    really make things like this happen on a big scale will ignore it and look
    for something more complicated. Oh dear, now I’m being cynical. 🙂

  3. diamondsmajestic1

    Showing people how to make simple solar energy devices in poor countries is
    a great idea, but even in poor countries people want more energy than
    illustrated here. Training people how to improvise usnig low cost equipment
    is good and also showing them modern energy efficient devices could be
    something to aspire to, Mr Solar Energy

  4. Michael Fogarty

    Nice vid!! Im using a solar panel in a demonstration in my thesis in the
    university of Limerick how to produce hydrogen the only problem is it wont
    work under ordinary bulb and it is essential that it works and seen as I
    live in Ireland there is a good chance that there wont be much sunlight.
    Any chance you know where I could get a bulb that it will work under?
    Thanks a million.

  5. memito1967

    Electricity is so expensive now,I wish I could have solar panels in my
    house.I hope solar cells become more affortable in the near future.

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