less than $1 a watt DIY Solar Panel MAKE YOUR OWN SOLAR PANELS (PART 1)

This DIY solar video shows how to make your own solar panel. Easy DIY steps to tabbing solar cells together to make panels for renewable energy.
Where we buy cells from link on our website
This is part 1 of a complete solar panel video. There will be three inexpensive options of panel sealing.

37 thoughts on “less than $1 a watt DIY Solar Panel MAKE YOUR OWN SOLAR PANELS (PART 1)


    2011, factory panels are for the most part. the way to go. Cells are
    cheaper now so as the price drops for completed panels, so does the DIY
    method. If you have the extra time or need custom panels, DIY is the way to
    go. If not, buy a whole panel. This just shows easy ways of doing it. If
    you try to make a panel from new materials, aluminum frame, non-reflective
    glass etc. makes no sense. If you have glass and can customize to the size
    then it is still a valid choice. TIME is the main factor 

  2. Josef Venport

    Whats wrong with coal fired steam power man?
    Think of that steam whistle blowing off at five am letting everyone know
    that Tom has invested in tried and true systems that have worked for over a
    century. Shoveling coal keeps you in shape. Smoke from your chimney will
    choke out the birds and bugs that endanger your veggies. Man I really love
    my veggies and I could talk about my bokchoi for hrs.

    1. Steven Conroy

      Honesty is a good thing,,,, embarrassment is not,, it wouldn’t be as bad if
      you had just done ONE, but when you tab a string together and go to pick it
      up,,, and only 1 of them lifts up,,, I personally would have not only not
      Posted it,,, but I would have Destroyed it, so No One could EVER have seen
      it !! Just the difference between You and Me,,, No hard feelings but I got
      embarrassed a LOT as a kid , and can not take it any more !!!

    2. Eddie Cronin

      honest dude, right?!? also though, a hella honest mistake that I was
      thinking I would have done, so I respect his selflessness even more,
      considering that probably will save me a bit of time

    3. Atheist Avenger

      +Steven Conroy
      Lol ya he could’ve just fibbed and said, ‘see how easy that ways guys?’ and
      went on with the show. But I give him credit for his honesty. To be frank I
      actually thought he might’ve done that but thought he knew better. Silly
      error, we all make dumb mistakes once in a while.

    1. Peter Lawton

      +GREENPOWERSCIENCE It’s amazing how cheap they’ve gotten. I just paid 25¢
      per watt for complete panels (50 of them). Exciting! Now if I could just
      store the energy so cheaply.


      +alan headrick The cells are now less than 60¢ a watt now too. This video
      was from a few years ago when prices for completed panels and solar cells
      were higher. Everything is really inexpensive now.

  3. RedRider1600

    Looks like too much work just to save a few bucks.

    How about showing us how to make a cost effective high capacity 2,000 Ah
    12v or 24v battery? I can’t find any YouTube videos on this. You could be
    the first.

    The battery could be lead-acid or nickle-iron. I prefer nickle-iron. They
    last 10 times longer.

  4. psychdoggg

    Thanks man! I liked your non-ego explanation, especially the end where you
    mentioned tabbing some cells to themselves. Very few people can acclaim
    themselves as professionals at this, so thanks again!

    1. sean davies

      i have a mother, she is dead. you claim i do not have a mother, you need to
      learn the basics of biology, or are you like 90% of other american and
      believe in god?

    2. sean davies

      +BΛM ΛRT LΛB awww look another child who knows nothing. it is so cute how
      these young children think they know everything. now go back to your
      fingerpainting like a good little girl 🙂

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