How to Build Your Own Solar Panel Part 1

Build your own 30W Solar Panel with this DIY kit from Parallax! Part 1 of this video demonstrates some tips & tricks so that you can successfully pre-tab all 12 of your solar cells. Flux is your friend!

25 thoughts on “How to Build Your Own Solar Panel Part 1

  1. MrAhmedbest

    I care so much technology and I have a lot of inventions that have changed
    the world. Thank you very much for a wonderful video and Genuine progress.

  2. teddy everett

    I’ve never seen such a beautiful soldering job haha and if only more kids
    were interested in small technology ah i honestly love working with tech &

  3. sean davies

    and yet another liar! all you show is how to connect solar panels not how
    to make solar panels! when will you americans tell the truth?

    1. sean davies

      +marxman__1839 insults? oh you also mean the truth. yes i keep saying the
      same thing as the truth does not change, only liars keep changing what they

    2. marxman__1839

      Chip don’t mess with him he just insults you until he thinks he has won,
      let it go. It truly is just a waste of your time, I have already gone
      through the entire thing, he just keeps insulting and saying the same thing
      in different words.

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