How to Build a Solar Panel – Part 3 of 3 (New) encapsulated/sylgard184.Free electricity

Learn how to encapsulate. Watch my other video on encapsulating tricks. . Mark Patrick.
This video will provide you with the materials you need and a step by step process to build your own solar panel at home at a very discounted price, with better quality. I buy my cells and encapsulant from MLsolar off ebay. Watch my other video when I wire up this panel and charge controller to power a 12 night light for my chickens.

27 thoughts on “How to Build a Solar Panel – Part 3 of 3 (New) encapsulated/sylgard184.Free electricity

  1. Scott Thompson

    Thanks Mark , I’m in the UK , do you ship frames to the UK or would you
    advise I buy the angle here and do it myself , also were do you buy the
    encapsulation resin ? Many thanks , best how to on YouTube …

  2. Ryad Arlan

    Solar cell to—> regulator to—> deep cycle battery (Car,motorbike, hobby
    batteries are fine but aren’t made for repetitive drain charge cycles)
    to—> Inverters. A 300 watt inverter is enough to power a laptop, lamp,
    and lcd/led tv/monitor and phone charger. What else do people use? A
    fridge? I dont see why the world isn’t all renewable. its the tycoons
    screwing everything. Would you overlook landfills, chemical spills and over
    populations for a few million dollars? There’s your problem.

  3. Steve Hamilton

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  4. Herbert R Stollorz

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  5. Propergol

    I am still wondering if Teldar back-sheet is needed or not. I have read
    some university writings that point out that encapsulant (here the Sylgard
    184) is not enough to prevent water vapor ingress with years.
    I will use Sunpower Maxeon Gen. II cells + original specific bus-bars and
    Sylgard 184 (wich costed me an arm shipped to France 😉 ). I would copy
    the Sunpower e20-327 so a total of 96 cells for a pannel size of
    I have found some Teldar back-sheets but the largest is only 1m, so that’s
    not enough for my panel 🙁
    Also I am wondering if Teldar is realy meant to be in contact with Sylgard
    184. In the Sylgard’s datasheet there are some incompatibilities listed.
    In fact I have 4 Sylgard’s kits so hopefully far enough for my panel and I
    could perhaps increase the thickness of that layer and go without Teldar?

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