How to Build a Solar Panel – Part 1 of 3 (New)step by step buying everything off ebay

Learn how to build your own solar panel from scratch.Contact me for a free wiring diagram at This video will provide you with the materials you need and a step by step process to build your own solar frame at home at a very discounted price, with better quality. We now offer pole mount kits too.

28 thoughts on “How to Build a Solar Panel – Part 1 of 3 (New)step by step buying everything off ebay

  1. Tamra Cook

    I don’t understand how those little black modules are making electricity?I
    can understand magnets a magneato and hydro power but not those black do
    let panels. how. can they possibly work?

    1. Preet Patel

      +markp0177 are all the materials that you listed in the video available on
      your website, or would you recommend getting all the materials from ebay?

  2. jose carlos marquez herazo

    hello excellent video. a question that kind of glass used, normal glass or
    tempered glass and few millimeters is glass. Thank you.

  3. Harry Haefner

    guarantees, warrantees and insurance are all totally twing twing bs dirty
    jew crap nowadays. Bastard scamming idiots. Give me a simple horse and
    buggy. Don’t get me wrong, but that’s the way things are anyways, I am not
    predjudice at all. Thanks for showing this solar!

  4. George Shovnade

    thanks for the video!
    I wonder: many people have made (in youtube video and forums) panel of 36
    pieces solar cells, if count 36 units multiplied by 0 5 Volt get 18 volts,
    I just received 40pcs poly solar cells- 70watt from USA. I want to connect
    for charge car battery is 45 amps or 100amp,also i have Controller 20amp
    like this:

    Is it possible to make the solar panel consist of 40pieces=20 Volt? 20volt
    this is bad for controller or car battery? or impossible make 20volt and
    important a make of
    i hope you answer soon…
    best regards

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