DIY The Cheapest Solar Panel System EVER Cheap Solar Power

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See this solar panel system with lights. Inexpensive, easy to install, reduce your power bill. Cheap Solar Power. Cheap Home System. See my part 2 update video on the Solar Panels.

29 thoughts on “DIY The Cheapest Solar Panel System EVER Cheap Solar Power

    1. Bruce Forster

      I don’t HAVE to post a video on Youtube for your sense of whether I am
      credible or not. I know what I’m talking about. EVERYTHING I build has
      worked, and SAFELY! The sad thing about yout youtube is the over-abundance

    2. waswestkan

      All said was that the lights would or should last a x amount of time, he
      made no claims beyond that. I look at your channel, like myself you have no
      content you have created on the topic, you aren’t in a position to call
      anyone a moron it would seem.

  1. Matt Slattery

    Cheaper than harbor frieght is E-bay i bought a panel or 2 a month for a
    year and a few controllers (mppt) got a awsome setup just by spending about
    75-150 a month now i got 1100 watts of solar at about 1 dollar a watt
    (1100$) 3 mppt controllers one was 69$ 10 amp 108$ 20 amp 160$ for 40 amp
    got a second hand 24 volt 1500 watt inverter and 6x 100 ah batteries. I can
    run a 500 watt air conditioner and 32 inch flat screen on a sunny day and
    not even budge the voltage one system stays in float while i am doing that
    2 porch lights and 2 ceiling fans have been running 24-7 for a year. I
    built a hot water heater with a 120v-2000watt hot water heating element
    which = 137 watts dc hooked to a relay for any juice past 29.2 volts(it
    runs about 6 hrs a day) i get super hot water.Now i just finished my first
    homade micro windmill from a motor i got out of a movie projector. So far
    it runs about 20-45 watts. Now that i got the basics down with all the
    diode stuff ill look for a used treadmill. I honestly think if your not in
    a hurry just buy 1 peice at a time and always plan ahead . you can start
    with a 12 volt system but purchase the expensive stuff 24 volt because 12
    volt wont cut it when you start to grow also wire is 2x more expensive for
    12v systems.

    1. Matt Slattery

      +Matt Slattery Try to buy the same size panels likew buy 2,3 or 4 of the
      cheapest you can find like i bought a 100 watt panel every month for 4
      monthes then did the same with 80s and 70s i got strings of 4 and strings
      of 3 lowers the wire cost by like 80% if you wire 4 panels (48v) then go
      through mppt controller to 12,24 or 48v battery bank

  2. The Viewer

    My light bill comes out to an average $175 to $200 a month. It never goes
    higher than $200. If I were to hook up a Solar Power Energy Kit that cost
    about $8000, will it bring my light bill down to around $50 a month? I know
    this kit will only operate the smaller things in the house like lights,
    TVs, computer, stereo, etc. For bigger machines like appliances, I’ll have
    to still use a energy provider right? The kits are expensive but it will
    pay for itself in the long run right? About 2-3 years of savings.

  3. Mark Jek

    Normally you will have to choose if your boiler OR the wood burner heats
    the radiators – not both
    If you want to combine wood burners, solar panels, boilers etc etc and be
    able to have anyone of them heat you radiators or underfloor heating
    systems, then i have discovered that you need a thermal store.
    Added bonus is that you will have clean hot water at mains pressure with no
    need for booster pumps.
    The thermalstore it self is open vented so there are no building cotrol
    regulations, great for DIY
    There is this website i found TMSthermalstore,com

  4. andy Russell

    isnt it funny how us men get excited about creating power for free, not
    seen any women do this, yet. I think we (males) are flawed inherently, it
    must be a minor malfunction in our dna. or of corse a short circuit to be

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