1000watt solar power station

4-16-2014 :OK – thanks for all the comments and views…..here are some answers for the frequent questions…. The panels are Helios usa made 255 watt model x 4 cost about 2,000 w shipping. The Aims inverter is recommended for 700+ $ -its still working- and I MOVED IT INTO THE CABIN away from the batteries…..yes the battery box is well vented at the back. It almost never freezes around here……even water ….let alone battery acid…..some places in the country will get that cold …. but not here. The total cost with lumber batteries and a cheap charge regulator was 3,800. It was build AFTER I found out how much the cabin needed. There is no need to overbuild when money is an issue. It works great and only ran out of power once. Thanks again for all the views.

30 thoughts on “1000watt solar power station

  1. GregJoshuaW

    Go to inplix where you can suffer through a 30 min+ video by a well paid
    marketing guy to pay for instructions to help you do it yourself that you
    could collect here on YouTube for free! Yayy!! 

  2. Felton Rolle

    Nice job! The simplicity is what I love. You could construct a combiner box
    and from the combiner box run a single set of wires to your charger
    controller, thereby, saving approx. 2/3 of the wirng cost! Nonetheless, a
    great system! Keep it up!

  3. Grover Watson

    I like your system…. I’m using a 1.25KW Grid tied 24v system, and about
    half the batteries.. I’m doubling it to 2.5 KW this year, and It should
    provide 60% of my power needs…..

  4. Doug Mac

    Nice job. I’m working on building 150 watt on camper and 300 watt panels on
    she to run small apartment. with 4 six volt batteries with 205 amh each,
    gas stove, gas heat, gas hot water and solar for the rest of electronic
    needs. also able to disconnect the panel from roof top while camping. this
    way use 150 while camping and add it back to grid on returning. looking for
    ideas. see mac camper 136

  5. pato milbert

    Nice to see yet another person helping himself. This would last a couple
    days here in Costa Rica. Even the hinges would be gone. The problem with
    anything of value Is that someone has to gaurd it at all times. At my place
    in montana USA , I could leave it for months but even there, eventually the
    drugies would steal the batterys. They might leave the solar panels but
    maybe not. So I,m building a system so they are up high enough to
    discourage idiots. In Costa Rica I am buildig high and never leave it
    without someone close at all times. The third would is opon you in the
    states so you might have to sleep with your system there too.

  6. Limon Juice

    BULLSHIT ! Hook a washer/dryer to that damn thing along with a
    refrigerator, 3 TVs, 1000W heater and ten 100W light bulbs and then turn
    them all on and then I’ll believe you ! All of that can’t power crap. I

    1. Robin Mead

      I appreciate solar power, especially since I went to school for it but
      there is no way in the world solar power can generate enough electricity to
      power us the appliances and HVAC units we use in this country without the
      ability to store energy… period.

      Tesla’s work on generating electricity is what will take us into the
      future. MT Keshe is working on this at the plasma level. Solar and wind
      are a waste of good resources.

    2. sw8741

      +David Pedder There is nothing wrong with solar per se, but be honest about
      it. Solar/wind is very expensive power. Paying $25,000 for a system that
      only pays for itself with subsidies is nuts. Someone else is paying for
      your power. There can be an argument to jump start the market for it and
      then let the market find greater efficiencies but you can’t always count on
      that. A dream would be a solar panel thats 80-90% efficient, you could get
      3 times as much power from 1 panel than the ones today if that were to
      happen. But hey, who knows if that is even possible. But, you can’t produce
      solar when the sun isn’t shining and you can’t produce power when there is
      no wind. There are other problems too. If I had a remote cabin you can bet
      I would power it with solar/wind, it would be much cheaper than stringing
      miles of lines. Those who think it is a panacea are nuts, hence my Eco
      Warrior comments. They want a pristine world but all the modern comforts,
      it ain’t happening.

    3. David Pedder

      But you are talking about large factory’s that produce products on mass for
      the world.. That’s one thing, but households don’t need to be running 100
      watt light bulbs 24 hours a day. And there 60 inch TV all day and night.
      The every day house is where the difference can be made. Nothing wrong with
      wanting to reduce. Like recycling, it has made a difference in land fills.

    4. sw8741

      +Robin Mead Someone who actually understands and is right minded. I’m
      looking into building a small system to power my refrigerator and some
      lights (120V LED). Mostly for continual use/back up power. Power for my
      refrigerator costs me $5.50/month (avg) so in a yr it costs me $66. Looking
      around, to build a system the right way to handle it would cost about
      $1,100. Whats the pay off, assuming the system needs 0 repair/replacement
      costs? 16.6 yrs! Of course this is a very, very rough estimate and doesn’t
      include a few things like the cost of running the LED lights, so lets half
      it, say 8 yrs. That is a very long pay back provided there are no
      repair/replacement costs. Battery dies, inverter or charge controller
      croaks? Well….the pay off will be a lot longer. Wind/Solar can’t exist
      without subsidy, either by government or other rate payers. There is a
      reason you get tax credits for all this stuff, its all too expensive for
      the average person.

    1. Christmas Eve

      +Tom McBride Well if everyone used A/Cs for global cooling, wouldn’t that
      actually cause global warming? OHHH but NOT if the source is SOLAR!! YAY
      for solar 🙂

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