Tariel Kapanadze overunity motor 02 free energy

This is the mechanical overunity motor of Tarieal Kapanadze Part 2.

In the German translation it is said, that it also used gravitation.
But I guess it just only uses the inertia of the 2 disc.

It is said, that the 2 disc are of steel and brass or maybe each disc
a double layer of steel and brass and that these disc are connected via a brass wire, that is isolated from the steel shaft.

The toroidal transfromer, that is put onto the shaft seems to be
the main motive power source and it is said in the broken Russian German translation
that it uses just 8 Watts of power.

I am still totally puzzled, how this motor should really work…
I could only image that it uses some kind of eddy current effects on the shaft
so there might be a rotational field inside the toroidal transformer that might generate
eddy currents inside the shaft that will rotate the shaft…
But I don´t understand how it is possible to generate such strong
torque forces to rotate the axix with these 2 heavy discs and then still propell
the car alternator and still power this at least 100 Watts lights with it
and all only power started from a small 9 Volts battery.

This movie is from a new release from a Russian movie from youtube user Realstrannik

As this movie was very long, I chopped it up in parts to make it easier to view.

Many thanks to the Russian Realstrannik forum admin for posting this video.

I post it here as a backup copy.

Regards, Stefan.

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23 thoughts on “Tariel Kapanadze overunity motor 02 free energy

  1. Denis Donskih

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  2. Marc Belanger

    this is based upon asymmetrical magnetics and it does draw energy from the
    quantum vacuum, or the energies there of. Machines that are called
    overunity machines do not create the energy, they draw them from another
    place. Since they do not use energy to create energy, they just merely need
    to be started, then, they can loop and continue on. We have energy all
    around us. Atoms contain energy that does not get used. It is used to work
    and is replaced somehow, some way somewhere else. The atoms do not die, and
    neither does energy, it is merely transformed from one form to another, no
    matter how much noise, vibration, or friction something may have, your
    missing the point, energy can be drawn from vibration, sound, or any of the
    items you have just listed. Just because it is something that devastates
    the energy output of the conventional way we know, doesn’t mean it can’t be
    possible with the unknown. People thought we were crazy when scientists
    said water contained energy, or wind, sun, etc. Its all loaded with energy,
    even empty space, vacuum has the casinir effect which has more energy than
    anything we know of, unlimited quantities! Oh, by the way, the Casinir
    effect can not be debunked by science, and it also does not pertain to the
    conventional physics laws that we were taught, so, in essence, there are
    new variables that have to be addressed to show the correct calculations
    for many theories or ridiculed thoughts that scientists currently have.
    That’s why many scientists don’t publish new theories because if they
    aren’t agreed to by many, they may be the new scientist thats thrown out on
    their back, as many have been over the years. Look at Tesla, for the better
    part of a century he was considered to be a madman and he was and still is
    the most influential scientist to ever live. Nothing is impossible just
    because we don’t know how something works yet. There are things we need to
    learn, and because we haven’t been taught yet does not mean it isn’t

  3. jefe Anson

    There may not be free energy ,but there is maximizing efficiency on
    astounding level’s ,if you used a solar to battery to motor generator to
    alternator you might come very close but would still require a battery
    ,unless you used a magnet motor for the initial power for the motor


  4. ThinkingBetter

    Hahaha, this is one of the funnier energy hoax videos on Youtube. Calling
    this extremely noisy machine a “overunity motor” is especially ironic
    considering how poorly it is build in terms of energy loses through
    noise/vibrations and friction.

    Seems Russia is a paradise for free energy fraudsters.

  5. Notnotthatguy810

    It’s the same energy being used to run this motor, that the entire universe
    was and continues to be made with. That is why it’s called “Free Energy”.
    Not because building the device is free but the energy itself is free. No
    one argues where the universe gets that energy and say the “big bang” but
    they are wrong.The universal energy consists of electrical and magnetic
    forces which are at 90 degrees of each other, moving in waves. Where these
    forces intersect is where all matter is created and also mass. The
    universal energy flows like waves and has no beginning and no end. In the
    3D rendering us humans can can observe, this energy would appear as spirals
    due to the perpendicular (90 deg) forces (electric and magnetic)
    intersecting to create matter & mass, that we could see. The only question
    now is why does our species continue to destroy the planet, the animals and
    ourselves with technology that costs us a lifetime of work to pay for when
    better alternatives exist? As long as people are greedy for money it won’t
    happen. How about trading being greedy for money for being greedy for
    ourselves and the planet we NEED to survive and enjoy a much more
    satisfying life.

    1. Constantine Joseph

      That energy is magnetic lines of force. It is described by Joe Newman as
      gyroscopic particles emanating from the copper of magnets. These gyroscopic
      particles all observe the faradays right hand rule. Motion of force, flux
      line, current are all inter related showing the gyroscopic nature of the

      They exist in the material and they can be harnessed by fluctuating these
      particles as they move at the speed of light. By manipulating the expanding
      and contracting field of particles or emf, you get back emf which is where
      radiant energy is observed in the spikes back emf is produced in motor
      system. This is key to overunity and key to Tesla’s understanding

  6. Kurt Gminder

    -Masses in motion can withstand short-term braking tests unrestrained,
    Pulsed Short-term power purchase Slows the moved object, therefore, hardly.
    Pendulum energy, Graviywheels, flywheel energy, uses this inertial adhesive
    solidification reaction delay effect.

  7. 806Rocketman

    This is extremely stupid this is not real and if it is how about a little
    more proof besides a wheel spinning and claiming its free energy

  8. Garold Gerf

    Основной принцып СЕ – это прирост ,именно, холодного электричества в
    момент всплеска электромагнитного импульса. И нужно не снимать сразу с
    источника и горячее и холодное эл-во(помните, у Динатрона раскалялись
    диодные сборки?), а только второе. А потом его уже легко умножать. И только
    на выходе установки преобразовывать в горячее(обычный сварочный транс(если
    низкая частота), даже на одном килогерце неплохо всё работает)

  9. Carlos Ucrós Piedrahita

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    Piedrahita and invite you to see my website searching google as kits-Ucros
    and see my free energy system and system armed in Guatemala of 250 kw at a
    cost of 60 000 Total euros

  10. russell jones

    if you want to use the big bang theary thats fine
    the bomb goes off and it accelerates to its end of what is exsertid upon
    it until it looses forward momentum even in zero gavity
    with gravit it is an imposibility ask an elecrical engeneer if you have a

  11. Arto Heino

    The bearing housings are only a cover for a sprocket and chain, attached to
    a motor and batteries hiding inside all that foam and block support,
    simple. He smiles at the end knowing he has fooled everybody in the room.
    The little battery is a switch for a relay to start the whole thing, all
    that electronics is just junk to keep you distracted from figuring out his
    simple rouse.

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