Tariel Kapanadze overunity motor 01 free energy

This is the mechanical overunity motor of Tarieal Kapanadze Part 1.

In the German translation it is said, that it also used gravitation.
But I guess it just only uses the inertia of the 2 disc.

It is said, that the 2 disc are of steel and brass or maybe each disc
a double layer of steel and brass and that these disc are connected via a brass wire, that is isolated from the steel shaft.

The toroidal transfromer, that is put onto the shaft seems to be
the main motive power source and it is said in the broken Russian German translation
that it uses just 8 Watts of power.

I am still totally puzzled, how this motor should really work…
I could only image that it uses some kind of eddy current effects on the shaft
so there might be a rotational field inside the toroidal transformer that might generate
eddy currents inside the shaft that will rotate the shaft…
But I don´t understand how it is possible to generate such strong
torque forces to rotate the axix with these 2 heavy discs and then still propell
the car alternator and still power this at least 100 Watts lights with it
and all only power started from a small 9 Volts battery.

This movie is from a new release from a Russian movie from youtube user Realstrannik

As this movie was very long, I chopped it up in parts to make it easier to view.

Many thanks to the Russian Realstrannik forum admin for posting this video.

I post it here as a backup copy.

Regards, Stefan.

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20 thoughts on “Tariel Kapanadze overunity motor 01 free energy

  1. peper0110

    I was just asking on HOW the disk work??? I have build homoplar motor,but,
    it not seem to work the same way..ANYWAY..Nobody can give a STRAIT ANSEWR
    on Kapanadze work..

  2. ThinkingBetter

    Overunity my butt 🙂
    Anyway, the video quality is rather bad on this video but the energy hoax
    itself seems fairly well done. Still there are better ones available on

  3. batman 1999

    it is obvious how thes devices work they are all smoking sigs in all the
    videos. So they dope there sigs in thorium and bingo power is everywhere.

  4. valllhalla

    Eric P Dollard says, it is a special field between two different shiny
    metals. Maybe this it what Tarieal is exploiting. The “dielectric” field.

  5. fidel catsro

    It looks like a homopolar motor to me…the coil windings between the discs
    could be electromagnetic the 2 discs could be copper and power could be fed
    from the shaft bearings, but.motor such as these might require massive amps
    which i dont think the feeble 9volt can feed…it could be stepped down to
    give high amps with his ingenious electronic boards but this motor is a
    mystery like all other such inventions and the secrets with.accompany to
    the grave of their inventors just like history has shown

  6. warren brant

    I’m going to speculate that the 9 volt battery energising a pulse generator
    to the coil is inducing rotary motion to the drive bar and the 2 flywheels

  7. NaDopros

    I am aware of that. But, also, the “earlier inventor”, Jakob Bitsadze (who
    failed only because of lack of money), is the man who can EXPLAIN “WHY” IT
    WORKS: this is something that Tariel Kapanadze cannot do! (Both men were
    merely applying what they had learned, from their study of Nikola Tesla’s
    work, as you wrote). BUT, there is still some “mystique” (a French word,
    here): because nobody can explain “WHY” (or exactly “How”) it does what it
    does…except for Bitsadze, maybe. Kapanadze can’t.

  8. NasGaming92

    kapanadze should think less in the **** money and patents and ***** and
    think more in the future of humanity and what would be accomplished if he
    released all the info of his work.

  9. NaDopros

    Please forgive the reply, 10 months after you posted your comment, here.
    Your English translation of the German is lacking, in at least one
    important point: the phrase “…überflüssigen Energie” is not
    “…SUPERFLUOUS energy”. That is an important mistake. The correct word
    might be either “OVERABUNDANT” or “EXCESS” (viz., the second word implying
    what the first of these two words signifies). Note: The word for
    “OVERABUNDANCE” = “ÜBERFLUSS” (My keyboard doesn’t have the German symbol,
    for SS)

  10. NaDopros

    Russians may still be good at “drama”: after all, they were the “drama
    queens” of the Cold War, for all those years! But, all joking aside, the
    BAD-QUALITY VIDEOS are surely a way of keeping brilliant people from
    understanding it all, at first glance, and of merely acting to whet (yes,
    “whet”, not “wet”) your appetite, for more and more “shitty videos”, as you
    call them. PERHAPS, what they are “really” saying is that their ideas are
    not patented, yet: so they cannot share too much “clarity”…

  11. NaDopros

    Is homopolar the same as saying “monopole”? There are words that mean the
    same, but it is like saying that a “bipolar” magnet is also a “di-pole”.
    Anyway, I, too, would like to know the answer to that.

  12. NaDopros

    Well, I am sure that, if there is too much “mystery” surrounding someone’s
    invention, then only one of two conclusions can be reached: 1) the
    invention is not “real”; or, 2) the inventor is afraid to share the details
    because he is afraid that others want to steal his idea, before he has it
    patented. KAPANADZE is a mysterious character. It is quite possible that he
    merely stole his ideas from an earlier inventor who lacked sufficient
    fuding to further his own project.

  13. Arto Heino

    The bearing housings are only a cover for a sprocket and chain, attached to
    a motor and batteries hiding inside all that foam, simple. He smiles at the
    end knowing he has fooled everybody in the room. The little battery is a
    switch for a relay to start the whole thing, all that electronics is just
    junk to keep you distracted from figuring out his simple rouse.

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