Tariel Kapanadze FULL VIDEO invented a 5 kilowatt free energy generator

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A Georgia Republic inventor, Tariel Kapanadze, claims to have invented a 5 kilowatt free energy generator. In a demonstration video, the device appears to produce copious amounts of energy from no visible source.
The components apparently include a radiator buried in the ground, a wire to a water pipe, a Tesla coil/joule thief, a spark gap, transformer, capacitors, 5 ferrite cores from old TV HV transformers, and some other unidentified components.

In the videos below under the keyword "Kapanadze", several different iterations or varieties are shown. Two appear to be solid state of different sizes, one in a black box.

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  1. Um Dia No Zoo

    *Great video. Thanks a lot. Good luck in your search. I stopped developing
    the ‘Motor Infinite Ratchet² ‘ for lack of time and resources. The idea was
    very good and a prototype worked well. It was an engine based on the
    principle of ratchet Bike using neodymium magnets and insulating magnetic
    steel and aluminum in layers. The central idea was: “An engine based on the
    principle of the turnstile Bike where a spring is always to forcing a pole
    positive stand against another pole neodymium magnets causing movement.
    Instead of teeth ratchet would have magnets in insulating magnetic (layers
    steel and aluminum). the “pawl”¹ would also be made with neodymium magnets
    and with the positive side facing the positive face of the teeth. The steel
    springs and good lubrication keeping the faces in contact causing the
    rotation to. ¹(the ‘pawl’ from ratchet are small pieces that lock the
    conventional ratchet for it to work, where you hear ‘tec’, ‘tec’, sound)
    ²(Bicycle ratchet)”*

  2. Mayestroh

    from 28:00 is explanation to a russian-speaking reporter: The buried
    radiator is just a big grounding electrode to ensure and demonstrate to the
    head of Georgia’s energy institute (the guy in the dark suite) that this
    device is not running on “stray currents”. Then they reference that to the
    water pipe. It has nothing to do with generating the 5kW

    He explains that the heart of the device is a resonator circuit, housed
    inside the green box – which he says was very difficult to perfect and
    which he keeps secret and dismantles completely after each such
    demonstration. He says that the job of the resonator is to maintain
    resonance between the primary and secondary coils (the big bobbin with
    large black exterior windings and smaller interior windings covered with
    blue electrical tape). He says that once you find the right tuning for the
    resonator device, it perpetually self-adjusts or self-tunes to keep the
    pri/sec resonance, which in turn allows the energy present in the
    surrounding environment to be harnessed. He calles it a “receiver” of

    The battery is used to provide the little initial energy to start up the
    When the interviewer asks him what he named this machine or who he
    dedicates it to, he replies that he dares not take credit as the “inventor”
    of this, but that he rediscovered and reconstructed Tesla’s design. He sais
    its a shame that Tesla is virtually unknown and forgotten, even by most
    scientists, and that he dedicates this technology to Tesla, who originally
    conceived it.
    That’s about the extent of the useful explanation I got out of it. The rest
    is him talking about how hard it is to get an effective patent that
    actually protects your work in Georgia, and how a prominent government
    official tried to smear his work, and deliberately turned a blind eye, even
    after personal demonstrations, and refuse to develop and implement this
    tech, despite Georgia’s devastating energy crisis (hence the ending footage
    of portable gasoline powered generators being used at night). He says he
    might have to regretfully refuse his Georgian citizenship and take his work
    to the west, where patents actually protect you, and you can secure
    developers and capital for production etc. He briefly mentioned that he
    also had built a water fuel-cell for the internal combustion engine years
    back, and couldn’t get it patented for a long while, and then someone in
    the Philippines replicated the same and successfully patented it, etc. He’d
    rather stay and develop this tech in his own country, if it were possible.
    He says this technology could not only supply all of Georgia’s energy
    needs, but allow it to start selling excess energy in less than two years.
    The rest is in georgian…

  3. aaron rubio

    don’t expect to patent this in the u.s. , they won’t let you, best bet is
    to share the idea or you will probably end up in a ditch

  4. Fuk Hue

    Looks like an Earth Battery. American technology from the 1800’s. They used
    it to power the telegraph system that was before the invention of the
    telephone. Instead of using salt water to cause corrosion of the metal they
    used urine. The acid would corrode the metal and produce electrical energy.

    1. Naoki Kashima

      +Gregan Dark Kapendadze my thoughts: he uses 2 ground connections. One is
      the pipe from the water faucet, the other is a large car radiator that is
      burred inside of the Earth. He has two coils connected together one
      clockwise the other counter clockwise. Each of the coils is connected to
      ground at their ends. On the outside he has a larger diameter coil which
      goes to a capacitor and a spark gap. Oh the load is I think located between
      the two coils which terminate at the ground. Basically his setup is similar
      to having 2 Tesla coils connected together. His circuit is open at both
      ends allowing energy from the Earth to enter the circuit. Why not? The
      Earth is charged with over 500,000 volts through tulleric currents. Barbosa
      and Lael are two other inventors who managed to get power from the Earth.

    2. jhatch

      “open source”? you are a slave. chances are this will never help to benefit
      either your or i. the best you can do is inform others about how corrupt
      your government is, how evil corporations are, and DONT GO TO WORK EVERY
      DAY OF YOUR LIFE. do something good foryourself and others.

  5. Jorge H. Acevedo

    primero elevó el voltaje que toma de la tierra, luego armo un oscilador que
    es lo que esta enfriando con el ventilador, luego con el oscilador habrá
    inducido un transformador para elevar aun mas con el transformar de 12v a
    110v calculo, por el ancho de los cables.
    Osea son 2 cosas: un elevador de voltaje x bobina directa y un inversor.

  6. Vinci Guerra

    Molto interessante ma quali sono i protocolli da seguire per poterlo
    riprodurre? Come si potrebbe fare per convincere l’inventore a farlo?

  7. ALEX N

    а где выход 5 киловат? 5 лампочек по 200 ватт это киловат..нужно подключить
    электросварку а не лампочки..или я в бронепоезде??

  8. Marko Kmetič

    I think that significant role are playing 2 different grounds. 1 st in the
    ground from barried car cooler and 2 nd the watter pipe. There we also
    recieve a potential difference betwen the grounds.

    1. Michael Bolan (Mike)

      +Rade Mihajlovic Old energy Rade we are moving into a new energy and to we
      will change the grid. The cat is out of the bag too many have this
      knowledge and too many of us are willing to stand up. What does it take to
      take over 1%? 2,3,6,10% . We don’t have to defeat ourselves before we start.

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