Selfrunning free energy Kapanadze device from SR193 with english subtitles

Selfrunning free energy device
Kapanadze Replication from SR193 with english subtitles

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21 thoughts on “Selfrunning free energy Kapanadze device from SR193 with english subtitles

  1. Diane and Brad

    The laws of physics are not being violated with the Kapanadze or Tesla
    devices. The problem is that the conditions that exist in these devices are
    not completely understood
    even by highly educated individuals. Unfortunately, these individuals are
    some of the laziest folks around and won’t even try to duplicate

  2. Tee Rak

    we can produce endless amount of energy through sea water hydrolysis .then
    we take hydrogen alone to high altitude ,where we combine it with
    atmospheric oxygen, and drop the formed water on hydraulic generators as in

  3. Garold Gerf

    Основной принцып СЕ – это прирост ,именно, холодного электричества в
    момент всплеска электромагнитного импульса. И нужно не снимать сразу с
    источника и горячее и холодное эл-во(помните, у Динатрона раскалялись
    диодные сборки?), а только второе. А потом его уже легко умножать. И только
    на выходе установки преобразовывать в горячее(обычный сварочный транс(если
    низкая частота), даже на одном килогерце неплохо всё работает)

  4. smith jack

    If you want to get the plans for building the Magnetic Generator go to
    Google…. and search for: “Top Magnetic Generator Videos” It is a step by
    step 4 video series on how an Engineer build this device

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