selfrunning free energy Kapanadze 20 kW generator

I found this video on youtube.
It shows a selfrunning Kapanadze generator powering
a motor and a bank of lightbulbs.
It was claimed to be a 20 KWatts free energy unit.

P.S: Good magnets could be got here:

Cylinder rod magnets:

Strong magnets

Cube magnets

Ball magnets:


Cylinder magnet with hole in the center with radial polarisation:

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17 thoughts on “selfrunning free energy Kapanadze 20 kW generator

  1. James Watson

    Many people try to build the Free Energy Generator
    Most of them failed as they didn’t have good plans
    The Only one I saw to make it work-
    An Engineer called John Richard from Chicago
    To see the design on his blog – Search Google for: *Top Magnetic Generator*

  2. Gio Bakuridze

    მაგარი კაცია. დაფასება უნდა ამ საქმეს. ქართველები ვართ რაცა ვართ

  3. Jason Moro

    It would be cool , i could understand couple hundred watts but : Gypsy from
    georgia invents machine that can power up 5 houses for free and now travels
    around gypsy meetings and using it to light 10 lightbulps

  4. VERGIS92

    there are no secrets in the world, at least not for long, oil companies are
    greedy but mafia are 1000 times more so, they would manufacture and sell
    these devices at any cost, if they were real… cocaine is illegal and
    suppressed they still get it through

  5. ari berman

    OMG… that’s amazing. How did they get the Kampanadze geni to make that
    gasoline combustion sound? When I was a kid, the closest I could come to
    that was to put a baseball card in the spokes of my soapbox racer. Today if
    I wanted to make that sound.. how could I do that?. Oh yeah…. use a
    gasoline generator like they did!

  6. energyalt56

    i am waiting to buy one from China They have a 24″ wireless TV with no wire
    already, its a wireless transfer tech Chinese soon will supply machine like
    this for sure, no illuminate can do a damn thing to China

  7. Nabo00o

    @watashiomite You need to get off youtube, disinformist. You are using the
    tactic of mixing some truth with crazy gibberish, which works very well.
    More and more people are beginning to understand this. Thanks to Andre from
    outlawjournalism! Read and think people, don ‘t accept anyone’s truth!

  8. James Tait

    If You Want To Get The Plans
    For Building The Magnetic Generator
    Go To Google……and Search for: *Top Magnetic Generator*
    It Is a Step By Step Tutorial……On How an Engineer Build this Device.

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