Selfrunning Free Energy Generator – Kapanadze 10 kW Device Unit on an island

I found this video on youtube.
It shows a selfrunning Kapanadze generator powering
a motor and a bank of lightbulbs on a very isolated island,
where no normal grid power supply is available.

Link to this video:

P.S: Good magnets could be got here:

Cylinder rod magnets:

Strong magnets

Cube magnets

Ball magnets:


Cylinder magnet with hole in the center with radial polarisation:

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27 thoughts on “Selfrunning Free Energy Generator – Kapanadze 10 kW Device Unit on an island

    1. Chris Beckham

      +PuzzleMaster Two years In 1985 Marty McFly arrived from the future in a
      time machine powered by a clean operating fusion reactor that uses garbage
      as fuel. No news reports, no mention in national politics. Wake up sheeple.

    2. PuzzleMaster

      Stan Meyer who had the water powered car back in 1987 and it even aired on
      the news… they even expressed interest by the pentagon. Little did they
      know that they are the ones who shut this all up. The most truthful answers
      to your questions will be the most difficult to find in the world bought
      out and with media corruption. Look at the titles ppl…. political
      magazines dont even mention relevant political topics… its who slept with
      who and total emotional garbage that just pollutes us to be all so
      negative. QE3 look that up it made news and its the same bastards ripping
      us off of our ENERGY or money that keep all of this from us. They cant
      speak truth they dont no how… or wont.

    3. PuzzleMaster

      Ppl that only feed this subject with negative non constructive energies and
      no information… are spilling in Mother earths face… and she is sad. Do
      you really want oil forever ? ever Tesla new it could be done…. you
      sheeple are going to be the death of her.

    4. PuzzleMaster

      The Tesla hairpin circuit demonstrates new and suppressed phenomena,
      clearly. Look up Karl Palsness, or look on my channel. This dielectric
      energy, which is transmitted through the capacitors, and induced in the
      capacitors from the spark gap is nothing new. Furthermore, I feel you have
      not done your research. What about the TESTATIKA. Look that up. It’s
      even on YouTube. They have a freakin channel. I can almost guarantee that
      you won’t watch the video because you seem like the type that has been
      brainwashed by dogmatic society. You no longer question, you only follow.
      And you clearly aren’t following your heart because you’re also negative.
      Provide each other with information that helps.

      Best wishes on your path. Teachers can’t force inspiration, it’s your path

  1. De Cook

    With the advance of Technology and Science,
    It is clear that you can build Magnetic Generator to power your home.
    One Engineer called John Richard showed it on his website….
    Go to Google and Search for:
    *Top Magnetic Generator*

  2. Garold Gerf

    Основной принцып СЕ – это прирост ,именно, холодного электричества в
    момент всплеска электромагнитного импульса. И нужно не снимать сразу с
    источника и горячее и холодное эл-во(помните, у Динатрона раскалялись
    диодные сборки?), а только второе. А потом его уже легко умножать. И только
    на выходе установки преобразовывать в горячее(обычный сварочный транс(если
    низкая частота), даже на одном килогерце неплохо всё работает)

  3. ThinkingBetter

    This is definitely not a winner of the best energy hoax video ever
    published on Youtube. Rather it belongs to the category of worst energy
    hoax videos.

    1. ThinkingBetter

      +VinnyPizzaLover Yes, it’s fraudulent business for some people. And
      unfortunately, Youtube is the favorite “channel” for these scam artists to
      promote their “free energy motors”. The list of these scams go on and on
      while too many people believe in it.

  4. Yankeelander

    this is by far the most stupid project of all time. Creating a “free
    energy” to power sets of incandescent bulb on a broad day light. Seems fake
    to me.. hhmmmmmmm

  5. TheBlueScarecrow


    10,000 watts would be 100… 100 watt light bulbs… not just 18.

    Amps X Volts = Watts

    Conversely a 1,200 watt hair dryer powered by 120 volts draws 10 amps.

  6. michael richardson

    I build zero point systems for a living its not free energy its just energy
    and it costs the price of the hard wear ! I can build from 1 watt to a
    billion watts and am part funded with UK government funding ! So its real
    as snow ! Try AND SEE THE TRUTH ! An electron can split into other
    electrons grow in size and deliver its gain and return to the beginning .
    Also protons in the mass of a load can start to pump in electrons to
    support the current or just oscillate electron frequencies . And
    interstellar electricity supports the core of a proton . Each proton holds
    1kw of electricity so there you are abundant power and should be excepted
    as fact or the universe would not exist .I build electro gravity systems to
    and technology that probes other dimensions where there is even more power
    to add to the flow ! The thing in all this is its not a study in education
    as it is way a head of the old school mind set . Let go of the dead end
    road and learn to be open to new worlds new ideas free thinking open
    learning by experience and you will find little miracles everywhere even
    cellular unity anti ageing reverse the old cells to new young ones and the
    old mind set will become the new mind of freedom . I have even replicated a
    Alien UFO technology !!! We are not alone !!! Now just begin again and
    learn the new world is here and is beginning to grow so catch up its easy
    just let go of fear anger doubt embrace the miracle of the universe catch a
    wave and remember life can never be destroyed but only converts to another
    form of existence in another dimension ! And is the same with energy ! Now
    change the world around you and build your new mind with no limits adding
    only love and respect for all things have power even you … I have stepped
    up onto the front line and challenge all that is old and lost in darkness
    to enter the light as I am the first human to unify the field and built a
    unified field oscillator you can call it a UFO ….. And from here on I
    fully intend to rock this planet ….. lol xxxxx keep it real make it
    reality and build a UFO …!! 

  7. X Boomer

    I am sorry…but for all WE know…there are 2 35 amp hour batteries, and a
    2000 watt inverter in the box, and some fake wires and stuff around as a
    distraction….SHOW SOMETHING!!!!

  8. Winter Star

    Honest experimenters are discredited along w/fakers vying for followers.
    Maybe we need to look less at fitting Overunity units into current, older
    paradigms, & expand understanding & seek rules to help understand it. Real,
    or not, just not enough data in mainstream yet. Science didn’t used to
    believe most things things, until they figured them out. Halted/blinkered
    learning = how many Luddites fit on head of pin? & other witch-burnings.

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