Kapanadze Generator – Part 3 Encouraging spark

I described my grounds all wrong…lol. There will be 1 ground connected to the core (not the bolt) and 1 ground connected to the output of the coil. I couldn't be heard while looking at the arc to the cement (sorry). I was just saying that the arc to the cement was energetic and that when connected to a proper ground will probably be better. Also, I said that if I left it on much longer, that the plastic chair would catch on fire and melt…lol…which happened earlier. I thought this was encouraging.

20 thoughts on “Kapanadze Generator – Part 3 Encouraging spark

  1. lucas vieira

    ai min vei help aligar one flyback, he broke not know if you can ligalo
    again or if he does not pay more, that part that I broke the wires errola
    enrrolando the …. now what i fasso

  2. BrigantTV

    JL Naudin’s setup is very very dangerous! THAT IS NOT the principle behinde
    Kapgen! The HV only makes a magnetic push, not direkt the HV over the
    output. Please be careful! All light & Love

  3. Luis Macias

    hey, body, is it possible that give me a copy of the diagram, i am living
    in Mexico, and i dont have a house, so i am interested in this little
    project, so i can lite a lightbulb to read a book, please. my email is
    ady7d77@hotmail.com email me the diagram

  4. MrAnguswangus

    I tried using a diagram from JL Naudin’s website. I had no luck with this
    device when I was trying it. I would do it differently now. Kapanadze info
    is hard to find and trust.

  5. voodoodr baker

    can anyone have a copy of this ghost circuit called a Kapagen coil?? id lov
    to build just one working one for now?Building your own cap cool round od
    clapz for your my friend, but can u tell me how to make it useable to run
    pc and ovens ect pls?or even power an electric truck?pls!

  6. MrAnguswangus

    Not with a Kapanadze. But, my next project will be based on the same
    underlying principle. These coils are very interesting. Thanks for watching.

  7. ChicagoJan

    I don’t know nearly as much about energy as you, Mr. Zombie Killer, but all
    these terms and descriptions sound very “biblical” to me. Really. Question:
    Halogen… is that short for halo generator? Just curious.

  8. Nick Stockert

    hey i am a welder the reason u getting spark from chair to wire is because
    it is not a good ground AE u will not get a good spark gap like u are off
    of capacitor

  9. lvildos

    I’ve got two questions: 1 why are the coils/xfmer windings of different
    gauge size if the circuit is wired all in series? 2 what is the purpose of
    the two 10 meter grounding wires?

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