Kapanadze Generator – Part 2 Spark Gap Fail

It just won't go to ground through the spark gap. If I bring the ground wire close to the positive side of the capacitor it will arc, but not on the negative side. The MOT do the same thing. HELP! Here is the basic schematic I'm trying to use:

This is basically a Tesla circuit up to the spark gap. If anyone has any ideas as to how to run this HV across the spark gap, through the coil to ground, please comment or message me…I promise that I will be nice 😛

20 thoughts on “Kapanadze Generator – Part 2 Spark Gap Fail

  1. Fred B's Tech Channel

    Ha, I just built and analyzed a hairpin and now am considerding building a
    Kapanadze! Description: watch?v=IyyT4qrK6f8 Analysis: watch?v=wU8LYiLLpGs

  2. WILLIAM BURNS SR aka donnellyjustice.me

    I could you help you out so much here I have built so many of Tesla
    inventions, so many of hi patents are easy to build. what I have learned is
    think about the materials that were around at the turn of the 20th century,
    then match what you get to those. Other things like can’t use braided wire
    like the blue coil you have you have to have solid copper wire or cooper
    tubing. Instead of using a fly-back transformer use a neon light
    transformer and a voltage doubler (Projectmanagerbill@gmail.com)

  3. heycolslaw

    The negative won’t arc with the ground because they conduct the same pole.
    Induction conducts to a foreign pole it’s energy is released there.
    Remember the microwave oven surrounds the conducter with energy & thats how
    you emplement this. Oherwise, you’ll get nothing. Caution!!! Induction
    current will FRY you if you don’t know what your doing, better beware!!

  4. jondelaire

    Maybe where you are located on earth your ground is the same as the
    positive end of the capacitor. Maybe try an antenna instead of a ground.
    Lightning flows in two directions, first from the ground to sky, then sky
    to ground. Just a speculation, but maybe this circuit works with negative
    energies. Maybe find a ley line to ground into.

  5. MrAnguswangus

    @TheGuru2You I apologize for being confusing. I agree about 2 grounds
    (10m). This was basically a vid asking for help 🙂 (as usual it was a
    stupid error…lol). I knew that I needed it to go to ground so that’s what
    I asked without being more specific…oops. If you look at the very
    beginning of the vid you can see the other ground wire coming from the
    core. Also, the bolt coming through the board also goes through a copper
    pipe on the underside. Your questions show why I value your input.

  6. MrAnguswangus

    @vidbid1 Thanks vidbid1. I watched your vid the other day…good stuff. In
    one of kapanadze’s earier vids (the one with the device in a plexiglass
    box) you can see a flyback transformer pattern in solder on the underside
    of one of the circuit boards in the box. This is the only way I can
    rationalize how he was able to start pulsing it with a 9v battery.
    Interesting stuff. I’ll pulse the nice white bolt (like Tesla’s hairpin
    circuit) I have now through it tomorrow and make a new vid.

  7. MrAnguswangus

    @Magneticitist I should be sparking it from the positive side of the cap
    like a Tesla style spark gap circuit…this way I get a good spark to
    ground…duh!…lol. I never considered that Naudin’s schematic could be
    wrong…maybe it’s not, who know’s?…obviously not me…lol. Here’s a good
    vid series: watch?v=UsS0BeVeIwM&playnext_from=TL&videos=Y02paZsXZOg

  8. MrAnguswangus

    @TheGuru2You Thanks for the help G2Y. It seems I should be sparking it from
    the positive side of the cap like Tesla’s circuits. This way I get a good
    spark to ground. I appreciate your input and have been a subscriber to your
    channel for a while now 🙂 I’ll make a new vid of it soon.

  9. MrAnguswangus

    @vidbid1 Thank you for your help. I should be sparking from the positive
    side of the cap like Tesla. This jumps to ground very well. Thanks again
    and I will have a new vid to show soon.

  10. MrAnguswangus

    @Rawbush I should have been coming off the positive side…like Tesla.
    Thanks for your help and good luck with your build. I look forward to
    seeing your vid of it 🙂

  11. MrAnguswangus

    @egn83b Thanks egn83b. My thought was that it should at least jump to
    ground. The positive side jumps to ground as it should…the schematic was
    wrong I think. Tesla style has it coming off the positive side of the
    battery. Thank you for commenting and your help.

  12. Magneticitist

    i cant tell what wire exactly that is, the black one, but shouldnt you be
    using the HV wire to try to arc to a separate ground? it almost looks like
    you are trying to arc a ground to a ground or something.i need to look more
    at this tomorrow lol

  13. egn83b

    This Circuit needs needs seperate grounds to function. could Try putting a
    ground off the battery’s negitive lead and place a new ground stack outside
    and give it a try. This is a loop system normal electricity theory still
    applies in system. This is not a one wire electricity thing. It needs the
    two ground for capacitance and for return. If you notice in the orginal
    video of the kapanadze there are two grounds. This circuit needs these

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