Kapanadze Generator – Part 1 Coil Construction

Tariel Kapanadze Generator replication. I finished making the coil today. This is a very interesting concept that I believe originally was the work of Tesla. JL Naudin has a very informative site explaining the device….

Here is another link……

Here is a vid that shows how the coil is wound:

19 thoughts on “Kapanadze Generator – Part 1 Coil Construction

  1. MrAnguswangus

    Yes, I wound CW & CCW (on top, or vice versa)…the numbers I can’t
    remember, sorry. Good luck with your build. Will you upload a vid of it?

  2. Soehartono Soehartono

    congratulations on your discovery, I’ve tried many times but still fail, if
    I could be sent scematic, if I can buy the equipment you?

  3. Akaki Jikia (Fix My PC AJ)

    Ka Pa Na Dze 🙂 Good Job Mate! , By The way I am from The same
    country as Tariel. But Never was able to meet him 🙁 

  4. Garold Gerf

    Основной принцып СЕ – это прирост ,именно, холодного электричества в
    момент всплеска электромагнитного импульса. И нужно не снимать сразу с
    источника и горячее и холодное эл-во(помните, у Динатрона раскалялись
    диодные сборки?), а только второе. А потом его уже легко умножать. И только
    на выходе установки преобразовывать в горячее(обычный сварочный транс(если
    низкая частота), даже на одном килогерце неплохо всё работает)

  5. asollid

    Thats not pvc pipe- its abs pipe. And if UFO POLITICS is right, therer may
    be carbon in that abs pipe which will completely short circuit all aether.

  6. Mickey Smith

    There is an even better way to generate electricity by using a looping
    design. Use an electrical motor coupled with an electrical generator head.
    You can get anywhere from 7,000 WATTS to 15,000 WATTS of usable
    electricity. I’m building a full sized version (a lack of funds keep me
    from finishing it). After building it I will offer the plans online for
    free, but I will charge for any generators I build myself. I already built
    a scaled down model which proves that electricity can be recycled.

  7. MrAnguswangus

    “That being said there are a few people experimenting with permanent magnet
    motors that are self sustaining after a “jump” from a 12V source” Do you
    have a link to see them and their explanation of operation? You are
    probably referring to scams. If you know how a Kapanadze device works, then
    why don’t you build one to show?

  8. Buffalochips68

    the Principle of the Kapagen is that you are collecting electrons from the
    2 grounds placed 30m apart into the earth. It MUST have that ground to
    work, therefore it cannot be used for mobile applications. That being said
    there are a few people experimenting with permanent magnet motors that are
    self sustaining after a “jump” from a 12V source

  9. Jens Bay

    Hi there. Is there someone who could make a step by step video of this
    generator. From making of the coil, to connecting the whole thing. I’m
    dieing to try this experiment.

  10. bluebeard2011

    dude when you wound your coil did you wind all 108 turns around in one
    layer or did you come back and double layer the coil with 54 in one
    direction and 54 back the other direction can you please tell me how to
    wind the coild correctly as am making my first kapagen

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