Kapanadze 5 KW free energy unit

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free energy device Kapanadze green power Tesla earth current

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22 thoughts on “Kapanadze 5 KW free energy unit

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    ถ้ามันใช้ได้จริงผลิตขายได้หรือยังราคาเท่าไหร ถ้าไม่ใช้น้ำมันก็น่าจะดีมากๆๆ

  2. Canadianhonkindiesel

    A little sensitive are we! I was suggesting by my comment was this is a
    very poor demonstration of whatever it was they were demonstrating. There
    is no explanation, no theory, no direct visual of what the contraption is.
    I have many years in the field of science and technology. To me this was a
    demonstration of nothing! There could have been a battery and inverter in
    that box for all we know! These boys looked more confused than anything but
    appeared to have the capability to turn on a switch.

  3. ThinkingBetter

    Crap, ANY cheap camera can make better video than this.
    Of all the energy hoax videos, this belong to the lowest standard. There
    should be a ranking system for energy hoax videos. WHY do people give this
    video a thumbs up by the way? Someone ACTUALLY BELIEVE this is some sort of
    innovation? LOL

  4. De Cook

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  5. Winter Star

    Seriously poor video. Extremely unconvincing. Sad. Tesla never had to
    stretch a wire out straight to gather power. He was working on making power
    units anyone could plug into the earth to supply their homes with power.

  6. Jessi Ryder

    If You Want To Get The Best Plans For Building The Magnetic Generator For
    Free Energy Go To Google ……….. and Search for: “Top Magnetic
    Generator” Choose The First Result (skip the advertisement on top)

  7. randacnam7321

    Mumble mumble wub mumble wub wub wub mumble mumble wub wub mumble wub
    bzzzzz hum wub mumble wub bzzzzzzzz hummmmmm wub mumble bzzzzz hummm mumble
    mumble wub wub mumble wub. Real concise video you have here he said

  8. Inno Techno

    This generator was stolen from Jakob Bitsadze. Tariel Kapanadze is not the
    author. Information can be found on the website: technogeo.ucoz.com

  9. GenialneWprostociE

    Yeah, like how you look dictates how smart you are. Very interesting
    theory. Stephen Hawking fits the bill perfectly. Post your picture, so we
    all can have a good laugh, judging from your comment, you must be very
    pretty 😀

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