Kapanadze 3KW selfrunning free energy generator unit

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Kapanadze´s newest 3KW free energy unit will be juststarted with a short pulse from a 9 Volt battery. then the battery can be disconnected and the unit produces 3 KWatts of free energy power.

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21 thoughts on “Kapanadze 3KW selfrunning free energy generator unit

  1. kellygwdobbs

    To rstevewarmorycom – hey flat-earther!
    ‘The clowns don’t want to be told It doesn’t work, because it doesn’t mean
    I’m a physicist. But they know anything is “innovation” because it isn’t as
    stupid as you are, of course they are.-
    Physics doesn’t care for your interpretation of her.

  2. Del Styen

    With the advance of Technology and Science,
    It is clear that you can build Magnetic Generator to power your home.
    One Engineer called John Richard showed it on his website….
    Go to Google and Search for :
    *Top Magnetic Generator*

    1. Glenn W.

      +ThinkingBetter NOBODY has a home that is powered by a “magnetic
      motor”……Yeah, because Edison and J.P. Morgan fixed that, for us! You

  3. Garold Gerf

    Основной принцып СЕ – это прирост ,именно, холодного электричества в
    момент всплеска электромагнитного импульса. И нужно не снимать сразу с
    источника и горячее и холодное эл-во(помните, у Динатрона раскалялись
    диодные сборки?), а только второе. А потом его уже легко умножать. И только
    на выходе установки преобразовывать в горячее(обычный сварочный транс(если
    низкая частота), даже на одном килогерце неплохо всё работает)

  4. De Cook

    Many people try to build the Free Energy Generator Most of them failed as
    they didn’t have good plans The Only one I saw to make it work- An Engineer
    called John Richard from Chicago To see the design on his blog – Search
    Google for: “Top Magnetic Generator”

  5. rstevewarmorycom

    Or else that is a good reason to take it seriously. If this is all
    meaningless, then it wouldn’t matter if you were a victim or a victimizer,
    except the victimizer might have more fun. The only people who tell you to
    just relax and be a victim are the victimizers.

  6. rstevewarmorycom

    That’s what videos are, a hoax, they are actually just colored lights, they
    aren’t real things and people!! That’s why they can make things do stuff
    that real things don’t do in real life. You can take these sort of people
    seriously ONLY if you see something in real life and it works and keeps
    working and they don’t have to take it home and secretly change the

  7. rstevewarmorycom

    No, it’s an intentional fraud made precisely to deceive you and make you
    give them money, that’s all it is. They specifically take advantage of
    people who through lack of education and experience will believe them. I
    saw a video once where we went to outer space in big space ships, and the
    Captain’s name was Picard. They just HAD to be real, they were so
    REAL-looking! Ya know?

  8. ChaChoRrom

    1st, I am a 7th grade drop out & have NO LIFE. I said that to say this, I
    NO NOTHING ABOUT THIS STUFF! Wow I feel better. But is all what I see about
    Kapanadze some kind of Magic & Sorcery? or is there something to this that
    we just don’t understand yet? I seen the video were the guy built this
    thing in a glass box and hooked up a Space Heater to it and it seemed to
    work. REMEMBER I’M A STUPID OLD FART looking for a project to keep me busy
    but I don’t want to fry my little brain just yet 😉

  9. rstevewarmorycom

    Yes, my child, I really am a physicist. There are lots of us, and we look
    quite normal otherwise, except for that, and pocket protectors, and for
    using big words.

  10. JourneyIntoThe Light

    If you need theoretical framework to explain why it works, check out Walter
    Russell’s “Secret of Light” and other books. He has a pretty complete
    framework, which is completely different from the current mainstream
    scientific framework.

  11. Carmel Pule'

    The free energy he describes is called free because he must be tapping his
    neighbour’s power lines and so he is not paying for the energy, so, IT
    IS FREE ENERGY and so he is no liar.
    It is like that man who went to confession and robbed the priest’s watch
    where by he said to the priest, ” I robbed a watch” and the priest said,”
    give it back to the owner.”
    The man offered it to the priest, saying, ” Here father, you can have it,”
    then the priest said, ” well I do not want it!”
    The kneeling man said to the priest, ” Oh,by the way, what if the owner
    does does not want it, when I take it back?” and the priest answered,”
    well then and only then you can keep it!”
    Many people can create an illusion and all I can say is that all illusions
    contain a high entertaining level.

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