FREE ENERGY # 21 Self Running Kapanadze (Kapagen) Free Energy Device Replication

FREE ENERGY 21 Kapanadze Free Energy Device Replication

A Georgia Republic inventor, Tariel Kapanadze, claims to have invented a 5 kilowatt free energy generator. In a demonstration video, the device appears to produce copious amounts of energy from no visible source.

The components apparently include a radiator buried in the ground, a wire to a water pipe, a Tesla coil/joule thief, a spark gap, transformer, capacitors, 5 ferrite cores from old TV HV transformers, and some other unidentified components.
In this video show to replicate the device.
It is self running without external power source after it start.

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16 thoughts on “FREE ENERGY # 21 Self Running Kapanadze (Kapagen) Free Energy Device Replication

  1. sergefed1

    @DENIS7556 Что за щелчки при выключении “системы” на 4’52” и 4’54” видео?
    Нет ли в “системе” реле с открытыми контактами аки МКУ-48? Если нет, откуда
    щелчки? Если есть, то для чего это видео???

  2. mikro3v

    давно наблюдаю за этой работой, надеюсь труды будут не напрасны, захочешь
    поболтать обращайся!

  3. ttt00809

    Дружище, будь добрый, поделись схемой ? Очень хочется собрать. Хотя бы от
    руки… я разберусь. Пожалуйста !

  4. George Bondarov

    @fogmussher belive me mate the oil companies and G20 countries are the 1
    stoping the whole process going any further,because if these ideas become a
    reallity many,many rich capitalists and many goverment funds designated for
    oil production,exportation,import. etc will dissapear,so the only way is to
    get a rich investor to make it reallity…

  5. fogmussher

    How can we speed these ideas into production? I don’t think the oil
    companys would have the nerve to stop it at this time. As much missery as
    they have brought on the world.

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