Free energy 2012 Kapanadze Aquarium free energy device running 2KW heater load

New Free Energy Video from the Kapanadze team.

It seems that the english speaker has visited the Kapanadze team and could get a look at this great new device. This circuit built into an Aquarium seems to put out around 2 KWatts of constant power as it is claimed in the video.
The device only needs one grounding wire.

The original video was probably uploaded by:


Many thanks for sharing this with the world !
In the meantime Wesley is trying to analyze it here:

(Pretty long video with sometimes hard to understand Skype
conversations with his friends…!)

Forum user a.king21 wrote:

I have been given the go-ahead to open up.
I was part of a team which tried to bring Kapanadze's technology to the West. The partners in the project are now going to fill you in on his scams.
This device was rated at 2kw and ran for 4 and a half hours before the team left the premises. The device powered a 2 kw electric fire to full heat.
I was not present but my partner was there in his son's house in Georgia…

Regards, Stefan. ( admin of the overunity forum)

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21 thoughts on “Free energy 2012 Kapanadze Aquarium free energy device running 2KW heater load

  1. dardan dardani

    well i guess he must be related to SM somehow! free energy is not something
    just easy to give away! why is there always some strange parts in the
    device of the inventors! as SM he had some strange choke that you cant find
    to day at the market! it looks like it was almost handmade! well keep
    helping him when hes sick maybe one day he will change his mind and he will
    give away the secret of the invention if he dont die before that!

  2. johnnyaum3

    I can confirm for the serious Free Energy researchers, that the Kapanadze
    device is fully functional and true. Is based on resonance with Earth
    teluric energy. I experimented with a small version made by me, so its
    true, dont listen to dezinformators. Love

  3. timelakeripples

    I’m interested in having this exact generator replicated by the same team.
    I’m not interested in it as a business arrangement, only as an end-user.
    I’ll buy the replicated one if it’s shown working before being shipped.
    I do not mean to challenge them by making this offer by the way.
    I’m only a senior who wants to use this instead of paying a utility company.
    I’ll appreciate a response from them or anyone, either way.

  4. GreenFuture



    I am interested diagram of the Kapanadze device.

    Or are interested in a complete unit.

    You may also be interested in the Transformer Stepanov device.

    We speak Russian and Hungarian.

    If you give your phone number, we called back.

    Skype: worldgmnhungary

    +36 70 655 46 32



    Я заинтересован схема Капанадзе устройства.

    Или заинтересованы в единое целое.

    Вы также можете быть заинтересованы в устройстве трансформатора Степанов.

    Мы говорим на русском и венгерском языках.

    Если вы дадите свой ​​номер телефона, мы перезвонили.

    Skype: worldgmnhungary

    +36 70 655 46 32

  5. Carl Hendershot

    Does anyone else see batteries inside the box? 3 Small 9v batteries… The
    kind you would find in a hot wheels ride in car for kids. Send me details
    please. Thank you

  6. Барни Калхун

    Gia about secret Kapanadze: “Бьем через разрядник-прерыватель в одно
    заземление. С этого же заземления на каждый разряд обратно (из земли)
    получаем встречный (С избытком энергии). Чем чаще прерывается искра, тем
    больше прибавки энергии. Далее подключаем нагрузку между заземлениями. В
    итоге одно заземление становится пульсирующим, а второе заземление всегда
    остается (-) или (0). Нет там никаких волн! Самая сложная часть генератора,
    это прерыватель разряда. У Капанадзе он электрический.”

  7. baryman antonyo

    try this thread: ABOUTSOLARCELLS.COMXA.COM me and my friends are happy,
    more can be found on page,we reduced budget home and now we are thinking to
    sell energy

  8. stoni2041

    Not putting the pieces together….that isn’t my fault. Lol. If you cannot
    see how this is related then you aren’t really looking. It is right in
    front of you and you don’t see it. The electrons natural momentum can cause
    homopolar power generation when ‘kicked’ up 90° within the wire. To get
    this effect another effect must be used. These effects are vibratory in
    nature. Look up resonance and harmonics. As well as entropy. Take care.

  9. malectric

    I have a copy of the Colorado Springs Notes and a complete set of Tesla’s
    patents and most of his other writings including several of his
    lectures.Would you supply some references please? What does the claim being
    made in this video have to do with homopolar generators? And for that
    matter what does it have to do with Tesla Coils running mechanical breaks?
    There is nothing magical about TCs – I built a number and examined their
    properties for years. Electron spin has nothing to do with TCs.

  10. stoni2041

    This whole thing is in Tesla’s Colorado Spring Notes. Tesla used rotating
    coheres and mercury breaks until he made his own vacuum tubes. We can use a
    transistor to accomplish the same thing. There is one thing Tesla ALWAYS
    did that is not used all the time even today. When he did experiments with
    a homopolar power generator he realized something about the electron that
    is rarely mentioned. Angular momentum. Since every coil is different, every
    build is different….making plans is difficult.

  11. stoni2041

    It is vibratory. The effects being used to ‘harvest’ ambient energy in the
    kapanadze have been known for some time. The problem is quantifying the
    source of the energy that is being collected. The technology behind the
    ‘OU’ as many call it, is only misunderstood, but very real. The medical and
    music industry widely use some of the technology behind solid-state energy
    harvesting… just isn’t being widely used to generate power….yet.

  12. malectric

    ALL “plans” I’ve viewed claiming extraordinary feats aren’t worth the paper
    they are written on. The people in this video are easily identifiable – why
    haven’t they been secretly hijacked by the “authorities”? A clear example
    of overunity energy production with an equally clear explanation of how
    it’s done would be the #1 candidate for a Nobel Prize in physics. Real
    multi-billion dollar companies hide their intellectual property – why are
    these guys flashing it around for all to see? Unreal.

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