Free electricity from the ground by Tariel Kapanadze

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.The subjects covered in this course are as follows:-
1… Current and Voltage
See what it takes to get invisible electrons moving in a circuit.

2… Resistance and Resistors
Discover which materials can control the flow of those amazing little electrons.

3… Capacitance and Capacitors
This explains how the strange Electric Field can be contained in a box.

4… Inductance and Coils
Find out what happens when a Magnetic Field and a Coil of Wire come together.

5… Alternating Current
Here find out why it's so important to shuttle those electrons back and forth.

See how transformers change something into something that looks like something else.

7… Reactance
Learn about a weird type of resistance that consumes zero power.

8… Impedance
This is what happens when you combine resistance with reactance.

9… Semiconductors – Transistors and Diodes
Discover the secrets to understanding these components.

The second part of the couse deals with the following :-

Both Soldering And Solderless Board Techniques

It's this experience that will separate YOU from those who have only memorized enough theory to pass an exam or a class.

It's one thing to learn and memorize theory, but the real MAGIC happens when you actually build a REAL CIRCUIT and then see it work!

Section One: Series and Parallel Resistors
Section Two: Simple Light Emitting Diode Circuit
Section Three: Simple Transistor Switch
Section Four: Visual Capacitor Charge-Discharge Circuit
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ABC's Of Radio Waves And Antennas ..
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Lost Secret To Learning Ohms Law ..
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The Old Crystal Set Radio ..
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modern Radio Frequency Circuits using an old simple method.

Fun Electronic Projects ..
When you're ready, you'll want to build a few simple circuits. So I've included these simple fun and easy weekend electronic projects

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I Have Included These Two Reports…

Basic Soldering Techniques Part 1

Basic Soldering Techniques Part 2

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11 thoughts on “Free electricity from the ground by Tariel Kapanadze

  1. Raymond Ebbeler

    The PyramiTroniX Resonator a prototype invention in the shape of a copper
    pyramid uses a tri-crystalline (three circuit quartz crystals in series)
    based on radionics and a mobius wind as opposed to a bifilar wind which is
    used to accelerate the law of attraction which allows amplification of
    thought-energy when the crystals are aligned with the temporal lobes and
    pineal gland. The research is based on William Tiller, Ph.D. Stanford
    University regarding “intention imprinted host devices.”

  2. oztronix

    @oscarnine2 Go To: Overunity Com and type: Kapanadze (he is the inventor).
    There are his videos there, as well… He’s in Geogia, at the moment…

  3. Lateral

    Nice drawing, but like all so-called free energy designs I’ve seen, no one
    has actually built it and made it work! I can’t even make it out, its too
    small. Can this schematic in a larger form, be found somewhere else?

  4. insightllc


  5. skinostra

    @teslaandlyne Yes that is the “TICKLER ” frequency generator.I am guessing
    that this part of the circuit acts like a “SYPHON”to get the rest of the
    circuit to go into resonance.

  6. lvildos

    the spark discharge magnetic coupler reflects a very low impedance to the
    tank circuit when it need a very high impedance. I don’t think this
    schematic is correct

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