Jeanna’s Light

This is a modified version of Jeanna's Joule Thief FL driver circuit using a big 31/4" toroid coil. The circuit is running on one AA 1.5 volt battery. A modified 10 watt CFL bulb is being illuminated. The circuit shown in the video has an error in it. There is no connection between the transistor base and the circuit negative rail. A 100pf capacitor can be placed there and Jeanna used one. I just eliminated it and got the circuit to run with one less part. Information on her circuit can be found at the Energetic forum under the "Big Joule Thief" thread.

24 thoughts on “Jeanna’s Light

  1. Jean-Yves BAUDON

    Le transistor de puissance du type NPN bien connu du type 2N30555 ne pourra
    pas fonctionner sur le schéma présenté ci-dessus car sa base est au même
    potentiel que l’émetteur. Alors, ou il y a une erreur sur le schéma ou
    alors ce montage n’a jamais fonctionné!

  2. testyakola

    im confused u said the bulb was drawing about 100 ma but that wouldnt be
    possible considering u said the input of the transformer is that much. so
    output is probably like 10 ma

  3. Tony Izaguirre

    Nice work I like the large toroid for joule thief myself it is easy to
    wind. You might like a 2 transistor push pull oscillator shown here it has
    more current than one transistor and is up to 84% efficient will work at
    1.25 vdc @ 40 ma to 14 vdc @ 2.2 amps over 800 ma at 32 vdc output that’s
    25 watts. the transformer is no harder to wind than a standard joule thief
    Give It a Try !! Tony

  4. Jeremy Li

    Hi Lidmotor. What is the voltage you’re getting at the CFL? What
    modification did you make to the CFL. Where did you find the large toroid
    Thank you.

  5. Александр Комаров

    Простой повышающий преобразователь !Тесла давно всё объяснил !

  6. electronicsNmore

    Nicely done. :-). I recently got my hands on a bunch of toroids and made
    this circuit, but a slightly modified version using a much smaller toroid.
    The results were excellent. Check out the video!


  7. Dan Frederiksen

    this isn’t wireless is it? the 300 turns are wired to the tube?
    It’s a pretty wild circuit. I’d like to see a scope on it or a simulation.
    Does the transistor get very hot? I wonder what percentage of power is lost
    in it.

  8. George10767

    If you replace the CFL lamp with your finger you might experience some
    pain. This would be due to the “microwaving” effect on your finger. That
    battery could give as much as one watt.

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