The Greatest Story Ever Told [Where It All Began]

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34 thoughts on “The Greatest Story Ever Told [Where It All Began]

  1. Jefferey Saloka

    As of “now” human beings only have an understanding of what’s been going on
    in the last few hundred years.
    “IF” only the World would come to know the “truth” of what actually
    happened just ten millennium ago!
    If the “truth” were to ever come to light…. the our World Wide Web would
    change in an instant.
    The narrator is only sharing knowledge that “the powers to be” allow to the

  2. Виталий Василевский

    Started out great! Lost interest, when you somehow changed the focus from
    the computers to how Apple got owned. The last part of the video was not
    really all that relevant…

    1. John Doe

      +Hasan Bilal I agree with you brother. It’s so obvious that the story is
      biased when it comes to Apple. I stopped appreciating apple when Steve Jobs
      died. Look at where they are going now.. Their design are all crap. Some
      people are still living the dream that Apple is still apple back then…
      They haven’t get the picture today that they are being out run by other
      company like Google and Samsung.

    2. Hasan Bilal

      +Виталий Василевский Exactly I smell Apple love bird. Apple is still
      fooling people by selling their products very expensive on the other hand
      Microsoft achieved so much.

  3. Ayrton Senna

    Apple is not a innovative company, they took ideas or things that already
    exist and took the risk to launch them into the market. The Apple 1 was an
    ingenious product, but it has a lot of problems that were solved in the
    Apple II. The Apple II was a success, first, because of VisiCalc, but
    later, because Microsoft created the Softcard that allowed the Apple II to
    run CP/M, a very popular OS with a lot of software at the time. That made
    the Apple II a very flexible computer, with lots of native
    software(including Visicalc) plus all the business
    software/compilators/interpreters available for CP/M. At the same time,
    Jobs wanted to create a GUI based computer, which was the Apple Lisa, but
    it was too expensive and didn’t catch market’s attention, so he focused on
    the Macintosh. But the Macintosh was also expensive and didn’t sold well.
    It was sluggish. The hardware at the time wasn’t fast enough to work fast
    with a GUI. It was a risk, but today we all remember the Macintosh as the
    first commercially successful GUI and not the Xerox ALTO, nor the Apple
    Lisa. Jobs was force to left Apple, but despite claims, Apple was still
    innovative. They created with IBM and Motorola the PowerPC platform, which
    had the crown for performance in the 90s, they created the Newton, a PDA
    which required a new hardware architecture, powerful enough for small
    devices, but with low power consumption, we use that platform we use in
    tablets, cellphones and many mobile devices: the ARM architecture. When
    Jobs returned to Apple, he didn’t took many risks, he basically eliminated
    any product line he didn’t believe was worthy and created a smaller range
    of products, starting with a legacy free computer called iMac. The iMac
    didn’t use SCSI, nor the Apple ADB port used in previous products. It
    lacked a floppy disk, and the mouse was uncomfortable to use(as many Apple
    mice), but it attracted the attention of the market and was a success,
    despite being basically a Power Mac G3 All In One with USB, no ABD, no
    floppy disk and a colorful design(the G3 AIO was beige and had a
    translucent back). Few years later, Apple decided to build an MP3 player.
    It was not something new, but Jobs felt the ones in the market were too
    small in capacity and too hard to use. He wanted a new way to navigate
    through the songs faster and easily, and for that his MP3 player used a
    mechanical wheel at first. The first iPod had 5GB which was huge at the
    time for such small device, and used only Firewire, popular in Macs, but
    almost nonexistent in PCs, which limited its success. It was only when the
    iPod was released with USB compatibility and iTunes for Windows that it
    became a huge success. Basically, every innovation they made is
    unsuccessful, until they find out the weaks, lacks and failures of their
    new products. That’s why they sell it in limited quantities, or with
    restrictions(the first iPhone was available in the US only on AT&T). Then,
    the next generations are better and more successful, as they figured out
    what was wrong with the first one. They can take that risks because they
    have faithful customers who are keen to collect each and every single
    product of Apple, believing it will have an historic value. Apple can make
    a product that is almost useless like today’s Macbook, which has only 1
    USB-C port, and at the same time, sell it with profits. Apple profits are
    huge, because they sell products at whatever price they want and no
    customer will complain.

    1. Kay Cee

      Not defending Apple but you gotta admit that at a time when many people
      considered something obsolete, Apple led by Steve Jobs brought out
      something to the world that would change it forever. They never said it in
      those days that Apple invented anything like those machines but they did in
      a certain way. Even if they were not the first to make a touch smartphone,
      their product did revolutionize the industry.

  4. Howie Isaacks

    The text overlay starting a 19:59 is not accurate. First off, Bill Gates
    DID know about the Xerox Alto. Second, Steve did not steal from Xerox.
    Xerox allowed Apple to see what they were doing in return for being allowed
    to purchase stock $100,000 of Apple stock at $10 each. There was no theft.
    It’s not completely accurate that Bill Gates stole from Apple, but it would
    be accurate to say that Bill Gates took advantage of Steve’s naïveté when
    it came to contractural agreements. Get your facts straight! This is all
    well known information.

  5. Vivek Tiwari

    Apple stole ideas from people and its employees, Bill Gates stole whole
    idea of Apple.
    Its true “Better to be a pirate than to join a navy.”

  6. Peace Monger

    How did Steve Jobs give Bill Gates full access to the McIntosh software?
    Bill Gates wrote it. As for the iPod. It couldn’t exist without these
    inventors, The inventors named on the MP3 patent are Bernhard Grill,
    Karl-Heinz Brandenburg, Thomas Sporer, Bernd Kurten, and Ernst Eberlein.
    The MP3 was invented in Germany, Steve Jobs actually invented nothing in
    his life. He he rode on the back of others who did the intelligent work.
    Bill Gates actually created something.

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