Despite the "war on cold fusion" waged by scientists and the media, Cold Fusion could still possibly become a practical reality and become the greatest energy revolution of the 21st century. This film examines the controversy following the discovery of Cold Fusion, a process by which abundant energy can be generated from simple materials.

Presented by James Doohan, ("Scotty" on Star Trek) with Sir Arthur C. Clark (author – 2001 A Space Odyssey, inventor of the communications satellite).

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  1. TechBaron, Cameras and more!

    dude theres not enough rads even in the large like lab sized
    reactors…….meh…gama scout say …bunch of hot air

  2. TheGiantsWillWake

    Experimentation trumps theory. Period. The excess heat is there. The
    tritium measurements are there. The helium-4 measurements are there. The
    phenomenon is REAL. The ONLY reason it hasn’t gone mainstream is because
    there are powerful interests who are desperate to keep such innovations
    buried. After all, there’s still over $180 trillion dollars’ worth of oil
    in the ground…

  3. Matt Baker

    I truly belive that the powers to be at present do not want a “clean energy
    solution” or free energy. Countries earn trillions in fossil fuels, this is
    why views or claims of a clean energy are ridiculed!! It’s all about power
    and money!!

  4. PrinceOfAsia

    But Michio Kaku isn’t wrong. Cold Fusion isn’t 100% repeatable and
    predictable. You said so yourself, Cold Fusion scientists haven’t yet
    figured out how it works even when they do get results. As far as I can
    tell he actually answered your question perfectly. He didn’t brush it off,
    he gave you 3 replies. Cold Fusion shows potential but other forms of
    energy are just more reliable and effective right now. Someday it might
    work, it might revolutionize the world but it’s too unstable and
    unpredictable at the moment. Looking at Dr. Kaku as if he should have ALL
    the answers is a bit unfair as well. Also, criticizing someone and
    attacking their reputation just because they didn’t tell you what you want
    to hear is a little juvenile to be honest.

  5. Denton Fender

    Are University Scientists lap dogs to the hidden government? Why are they
    afraid to kick the dog and go their own way in Science? Rebel—the people
    who have all the wealth may be powerful, but they are not the smartest
    people alive. If Scientists unite, they can overcome these greedy forces.

    1. craxd1

      It all has to do with money. Some of the very scientists, who publicly
      denounced it, went and asked for funding to do it themselves. That shows
      how far they are willing to go, and that they lie. Now, NASA has admitted
      to it.

  6. craxd1

    The scientific establishment, as they call it, has been corrupted for a
    long time. It is not just in engineering, but anthropology, medicine, and
    the list goes on. The worst is, when the government finds themselves a
    shill, who will go before the public and say to the world, I am smarter
    than them, I have this paper that says so, from university x, when they
    most likely have no common sense at all. Another problem is some in this
    community who will ignore all the evidence instead of being proven wrong.
    This goes back to the I’m right, you’re wrong, see my PhD, etc. I have
    personally met some of these, and to tell you the truth, they are stupid as
    a sack of rocks. These people are causing new ideas to be stymied, over
    worrying about who’s going to donate and give them their next check. The
    man or woman with the cash is who matters, just like in every other branch
    of science, at our universities.

    1. craxd1

      The problem is, that many scientists were said to be wrong, when in fact,
      they were later proven to be correct, after enormous amounts of money were
      already spent, in order to prove their theory wrong. Many swore Einstein
      was incorrect, but was later proven correct, after he started to study Max
      Planck, and made his first mathematical predictions.

      That is only one incidence, in many, that I know of. That is like those who
      swore that the expansion of the universe couldn’t be correct, but now, they
      have had their calculations proven to be correct, by a very expensive
      satellite, that was sent to space, (I think it was around 2010), to study
      the universe.

      Here, modern science, in the departments of university physics, are finding
      out many things, about what we thought we knew, to be totally incorrect,
      even about who we are. They have even proven, through experimentation, that
      consciousness is part of the universe, but they are not complete in their
      calculations on it, because there is no way to properly measure that,
      though they know it to be true.

      So, where do you put that money?

    2. Jip Jackson

      +craxd1 If you think about it being closed minded in any profession is a
      bad idea. Academia has lost some of the spark it once had, not all by any
      means, but some.

    3. craxd1

      +Jip Jackson
      Generally, in what I term real science, the same as Richard Feynman once
      espoused, are physics, engineering, architecture, and chemistry, which are
      not blinded by much as arrogance as other university departments. The ones
      that are, are generally in archeology, paleontology, and anthropology.
      Feynman called those latter departments, pseudoscience. They are stuck on
      Darwin’s theory, and will not concede that they are only partly correct.
      They refuse evidence found in Egypt, the Levant, and Mesopotamia, that
      shows some monuments to be much older, along with evidence that shows that
      the pyramids and other large stone constructions could not have been built
      the way they claim, and they refuse to believe, that man is a hybrid
      species, between what developed from the apes and something unknown, even
      though medical science has stated, many times, in several scientific
      papers, that our DNA shows that we humans are a hybrid, and that they have
      no idea about what we are mixed with. Of course, none of those three
      university departments are actual science departments, either, and are
      still under the arts and humanities.

      Feynman was always upset, about those like the archeologists and
      anthropologists claims to their so-called “factual” theories, which were
      all guesses at most, after he had endured all the hardship of actually
      using the scientific method, to back up his theories.

    4. Jip Jackson

      +craxd1 In the early 1900’s the TOP establishment scientists of the Britain
      I believe gathered and concluded that the airplane which was recently
      demonstrated (by two bike mechanics remember) was “neat” but the maximum
      people ever to be lifted would be around 11. Their (junk?) science proved
      to them that it just wasn’t possible due to physics to ever build a device
      carrying more than 11 people in weight aloft no matter what machine or
      combination. Impossible. I hope they continued to take the train in the
      coming years. Science has LOST the ability to dream, it’s been replaced by
      sheer arrogance.

    5. Joe Neighbor

      Yes, and it only get’s worse over time as the “know”, the often simplicity,
      of the basic truths, get sort of lost.
      The truths are still there (sounds like the “X-Files”) if you want go back,
      “red pill”, and see for your self.
      The problem is as these “expert” establishments get more entwined, so does
      their established dogmas, and shortcut untruths.
      Plus in general they like to add more complexity, because complexity equals
      money; it’s: “boy, you are lucky you are paying me so much for something
      only I/we can understand!”,
      and and easy excuse “it’s too complex to solve”.

      For instance, lets look back at Tesla again. He was attacked by the so
      called “scientific community” (and greedy profiteers like Edison), and only
      now in times people see him as
      the great mind that he was.
      And what ever happened to his experiment were he proves that some sort of
      “dark energy” exists?
      You can hook up an antenna to a capacitor and a ground plate and measure
      charge on it!
      What ever happened to this, and why is it not so pursued publicly?

      Anything that violates the established principles, often hastily, even
      incorrectly, “proved”, or just taken for granted, then it just..doesn’t

  7. Mrs. Yvette Osman

    it’s like vaccines and “autism”. Stigma has significant repercussions. call
    it ANYTHING else. just don’t say it’s autism. Cold fusion sounds so much
    cooler than all the other names they’re using to subvert the the stigma

  8. T Honyock

    One problem with cold-fusion: the U.S. GOVERNMENT. Not the government that
    you and I are aware of, the non-elected government that puts the people
    they give us to elect in power. The United States citizen is a consuming,
    entertainment hungry, ride-into-the-sunset society that will accept any
    plan promised us by our quasi-elected leaders as long as our way of life
    remains stable and convenient to the extent of dressing our soldiers for
    battle, then sending them off to foreign, sovereign soil, to spill their
    blood which we honor with tear and ceremony, for ‘defending’ our way of
    life. Always at a disproportionate rate to the foreigners defending their
    way of life. At the center of conflict is not religion, race, or even
    drugs, though these are the tools that the true powers use to keep us
    occupied while we fight the noble battle for ‘national security’. At the
    heart of the conflict is a natural resource called–oil. The consumer
    societies have fueled their dependence on oil to the point of creating an
    elite so rich, so powerful, that 7.2 BILLION people struggle to overcome
    our slavery. The U.S. Quasi-Government will not falter to dispute any
    evidence of alternative sources of comfort and sustenance that exist–to
    the point (not in their lifetime) that all mankind fall to their
    megalomaniacal, insatiable thirst for power. Funding for research, in the
    U.S., comes from the U.S.Q. Government. The same government that funded the
    atomic bomb, the Herculean effort, that saved us all from certain Fascist
    rule. The same government that will now not allow any concept, other than
    nuclear fission, the ‘trophy’ child of their victory, to garner further
    research to replace oil–the source of their power. Not only is fossil fuel
    destroying our planet, nuclear energy, but most importantly it’s
    by-products, cannot be disposed of. The best use of this technology is a
    bomb. This bomb, to this day, is their only use, and grip, on this
    world–and they still can’t figure out a way to rid us of it. The
    physicists (their prodigal saviors of the second world war) chemists, and
    scientists of every other discipline are scared to loose funding for
    anything other than petrol, plastic, pharmaceuticals–pollution. These
    non-human criminals of intellect will, hopefully, lose to the instinct of
    survival, and harmony, of the masses they presently command. The FAA never
    built airplanes. They administer the rules that govern their safe
    operation. NASA never built spacecraft. They brought the components
    together to accomplish a dangerous mission. There is one constant in
    government: The needs of the few outweigh the needs of the many. Those
    closed to argument should not be shot for treason, but simply discarded and
    tossed aside in an effort to humane. 

    1. T Honyock

      Mr. Fender, I tend to ramble. I should never get drunk and go on-line, but
      I always do. I thank you for your compliment. I drink for pain, something
      the doctors tell me is a dead-end, yet, they can only prescribe narcotics,
      in small doses–and I don’t want them. I don’t want to end up like my
      younger brother (a combat vet) who is a zombie. I’m 56 years old, and hope
      I’ve learned a thing or two: The dumbing and numbing of our children. The
      stupid, pointless glam of TV and media they draw their impressions from. I
      never thought I would live so long to abhor the obvious, the stupidity of
      our endeavors, the things we are told are important–to whom? The Flag?
      God? Country? Violated at every turn. Once in awhile I get an intelligent
      response, Denton Fender. Live long, and prosper.

    2. Denton Fender

      Elegantly put. Too bad the main stream public could not understand what you
      are attempting to explain. The public in light of the corporate controlled
      media (five corporations own it all now) will never figure it out for

  9. David “Dave” Tubb

    There are people off the grid all over and it’s NOT wind, solar or anything
    they burn. They’re just not stupid enough to announce it.

  10. david nugget

    So something is going on?a process yet not understood? A cover up to boot
    so nobody replicates these experiments for fear of ridicule.

    1. craxd1

      That is pretty much it in a nutshell. One thing to remember, is that the
      original inventors did not say it was cold fusion, that was a term someone
      else coined at the time. What they did say was that there was more output
      energy in heat, and what went into it, or over unity.

  11. BosonCollider

    If cold fusion was possible, we wouldn’t exist. All hydrogen created by the
    big bang would have fused into helium instantly during the rapid inflation
    era, before stars could ever form. It doesn’t work for a very good reason.

    There are a number of non-mainstream approaches to fusion such as the
    polywell or the dense plasma focus that are more practical than Tokamaks
    like ITER and would truly revolutionize energy production. Cold fusion is
    not one of them, as they have yet to demonstrate fusion *at all*, let alone
    producing net energy.

    1. craxd1

      You do realize that Fleischman and Pons did not create the word “cold
      fusion”? The only thing they said was they got more energy out than they
      put in. I think you might need to do more research on this, because there
      have been working models produced for trials. Where they are at the time, I
      am not sure, but testing has begun.

    1. Mrs. Yvette Osman

      *Experimental Energy Links*
      This isn’t a website saying “see? proof of 500Mw!” but it’s full of many
      interesting links I wanted to share. This page mentions the “Japanese EM
      Overunity Engine” a few times. Not sure this is what +Chris Zarkov was
      referring to. The link I tried was dead. However doing a search for
      “Japanese EM Overunity” came back with lots of results.
      This was the first hit –

      I didn’t peruse it for any kind of proof. It’s way too technical for me to
      pretend to know what I’m talking about if I cited it.

      Check ’em out. It’s interesting, either way.

    2. Joe Neighbor

      +Chris Zarkov
      Note: The Japanese, China and other countries are not as likely to steal
      tech patents like our government does here in the USA.
      Not saying it wasn’t their innovation to begin with, just pointing out how
      our government is screwing us in these typical scenarios.

    3. Joe Neighbor

      “debunked” by whom exactly?

      I don’t have proof this exists; I wouldn’t say it wasn’t some hoax, but the
      facts are such technologies are often reported.
      As a matter of fact your see inventors announcing they have made a
      breakthrough, etc., then they just disappear.
      Now these means either they are perhaps scam artists looking for free
      investment money, or it means their discovery was suppressed.
      If suppressed. it would be a government agency either acting alone to cover
      secrets, or gov acting on behalf of one if the many monopoly establishments
      that are part of the gov ecosystem.

      It is 100% FACT that the gov routinely steals, yes “steals”, patents from
      innovators all the time and has for many decades. 1000’s of them that they
      choose to keep out of public hands.

      It’s only logical, highly probable, that some of these are energy related.

      A few logical and obvious reasons:
      A) They want to reserve it for military use.
      B) They don’t want the “other guys” to have it for their military use.
      C) It’s too close to some other technology that would probably lead to that
      discovery as well (for redundantly a lot of the same reasons).
      D) It’s simply in the governments best interest for somethings to remain
      Such as an energy technology such as this that would devastate one of their
      monopoly partners, and cutoff 40% of their money that is coming in as fuel

  12. david nugget

    So something is going on?a process yet not understood? A cover up to boot
    so nobody replicates these experiments for fear of ridicule.

    1. craxd1

      Yes, and they dropped the term cold fusion over it. Fleischman and Pons did
      not state that the process was cold fusion, someone else coined the term.
      However, the process was found to be real, where they were achieving over
      unity, and a multitude or large corporations put funding into it,
      especially in Japan.

  13. roy mcroy

    if this is possible the world we live in wud b turned upside down as we
    know it many important peeps wud not b any more and wud not be able 2 hold
    peeps and countries to ransom,,personally i believe this technology is
    being surpressed and the only suppressers wud b united states govt. and big
    oil,,us senaters mite do things within the law but that does not mean it is
    morally rite,just look at senaters an congress people who make laws then
    cum out of these meetings and r on the phone either buyin or dumpin
    stock,,and the world is supposed 2 follow americas lead?

    1. craxd1

      +John Thomas
      I’d say they are older than that, but just too lazy to peck out a few words
      on a keyboard. Probably another burnout living in their parents basement,
      because they are too lazy to bend down and scratch their own toes.

    2. John Thomas

      “wud” “b” “peeps” “2” “senaters” “mite” “rite” “an” “cum” “r” “2”

      What a surprise – you’re an illiterate AMERICAN. You fucking moron. Learn
      to write properly before embarrassing yourself on the internet. How old are
      you? Three?

    1. Web Compendium

      +Maxamilium They also steal land from Palestine and claiming that it is a
      country only for “jews”. And they make people think that it was theirs all

    2. anthony garcia

      Don’t get me wrong I would have loved for this Science to have worked so
      that for the simple fact that we would not have to relay on and send
      billions of dollars to people we are clearly making rich yet they hate us !

    3. Maxamilium

      All white Jews (Khazars from eastern Russia, Bastard Jews, small hats, or
      whatever you want to call them are all frauds, and not Jews at all! And
      like everything they obtained, identity, wealth, land, they stole from
      everyone else, pure scum! Look it up fool! (Khazars, Turkic people). The
      real Jews are of dark color skin from Egypt, Africa!

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