Is Fusion Energy Close To Becoming A Reality?

Lockheed Martin claims to have a fusion reactor built in the next 5 years. How would this technology work, and what would this mean for the world? Trace explains.

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Lockheed Martin’s Plan to Make Fusion (Finally) a Reality

“Lockheed Martin's secret fusion power program came out of hiding last week. This week, the Skunk Works engineer in charge of the ambitious effort met with reporters to explain just how the defense giant plans to make fusion the real deal within five to 10 years.”

Lockheed Martin’s fusion goals meet scepticism

“Lockheed Martin formally entered the nuclear-fusion arena on 15 October, laying out a 10-year roadmap to commercialize a reactor that would fit on the back of a lorry.”

Mr. Fusion? Compact Fusion Reactor Will be Available in 5 Years Says Lockheed-Martin

“The Farnsworth Fusor; Pons and Fleishmann. It seems the trail to fusion energy has long gone cold — stone cold, that is, and not cold as in cold fusion.”

Does Lockheed Martin Really Have a Breakthrough Fusion Machine?

“Lockheed Martin’s announcement last week that it had secretly developed a promising design for a compact nuclear fusion reactor has met with excitement but also skepticism over the basic feasibility of its approach.”

Compact Fusion

“It’s no secret that our Skunk Works® team often finds itself on the cutting edge of technology.”

Harnessing the Energy of Nuclear Fusion Reactions with Superconductors and Lasers

“What do a six-ton superconductor and the world's largest laser have in common? Both are fundamental components in two very different approaches to harnessing the energy of nuclear fusion reactions.”

Skunk Works

“Skunk Works is an official alias for Lockheed Martin's Advanced Development Programs (ADP), formerly called Lockheed Advanced Development Projects.”


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44 thoughts on “Is Fusion Energy Close To Becoming A Reality?

  1. bortlethetortle

    This vid makes it sound like we’ve never been able to perform fusion, which
    is totally off the mark.

    Uncontrolled fusion was first performed in a thermonuclear weapon in the
    1940s and controlled fusion was first performed in the late 50s. Since
    then, fusion has advanced at a rate similar to Moore’s Law, doubling about
    ever two years. In 2008, a 14 year old was able to achieve fusion.

    What we’ve always been 20 years away from is a man-made fusion reaction
    with a net gain in energy, meaning more energy is created than used to
    sustain the reaction. ITER is the first reactor that will theoretically
    create more power than it consumes, but the extra power will not be enough
    to overcome other operational losses. Based on this reactor and the
    multitude of other paths to achieve fusion that are being researched, I
    think the next generation of fusion reactors beyond ITER will be viable
    sources of energy…

    This, yet again, leaves us 20 years from viable fusion energy and probably
    another 10 years before Fusion becomes commonplace. Bottlenecks in getting
    this done will likely relate to funding and government regulation….

  2. Tardi Grade X-tra

    ”You can have the energy of the sun on the back of a truck!” Wich means
    harnesting power for warp drive and stuff doesn’t require any sun-covering
    solar panels right? And if those things get cheaper, i will buy a little
    one to power my house, no more poopy solar panels.

  3. HjorturTheDawg

    Lockheed Martin has probably made interstellar hyperdrives… (not really)
    They make things we don’t even know exist AND they are the ones that
    benefit financially from war… A single Hellfire missile costs USD
    $110,000 ffs

  4. Thomas Nickelsen

    Would someone please tell this dork that there is no such thing as fossil
    fuel. If you don’t believe me take a bunch of fossils, grind them and then
    try to make fuel of them. I dare you!

    1. menaka fernando

      +dan ellis lol … same can be said to hot fusion coz up until now most of
      the reactors takes more energy than than it produce and hot fusion had like
      50 + years of time and yet still no real result … yet cold fusion only
      under 20 years and faced most criticism(SHEEP like your self) to hold it
      back . yeah sure go trust what ever “they” are telling
      And BTW there can not be something work for some and work for others . MIT
      had it checked and they said 4/10 it works ,and the thing they should check
      is why didnt it work on 6 times rather they bashed due to funding they
      missed if it were comes to main stream

      and P.S. :plz do think b4 you talk (on this case type) little sheep 😛

    2. dan ellis

      +menaka fernando current cold fusion is fickle and what works for one
      person may not work for the others, thats not science. currently cold
      fusion is a trick more often then not and most of the great advances you
      hear about in making it a reality come from people who believe the
      government is reptiles. Yes cold fusion may one day be usable as anything
      other than a cheap parlar trick that has a 99/1 against chance of working
      but even if we could make the reaction happen when ever we wanted its still
      not proven we could actually get power out of it. as for the navy its cold
      fusion experiments closed down a while ago when they deemed it “non –
      profitable” which should tell you something.

    3. menaka fernando

      +dan ellis Wow non existent … tell that to Israel Gov., American
      navy,Mitsubishi coz they are researching on non existing things ….. and
      there are some working prototypes(portable) made too …and you are a
      genuine SHEEP

  5. budoy82

    they already figured it out. it is just they invested a lot of money on oil
    before the fusion energy and they want it back. that’s why they hide it for
    now and will reveal it when they find a way how to make money in Fusion

  6. Eat Chicken

    Am I the only who gets upset at the thought that we probably won’t live in
    the age of space travel, colonizing worlds and technology with endless

    1. digitalcurrents

      +dictionaryzzz Mainstream archaeologists, historians, and philosophers
      don’t take Atlantis seriously. Atlantis isn’t an innovation or discovery
      waiting to change the world; it’s a future reboot to a movie franchise.

    2. digitalcurrents

      +dictionaryzzz Let’s say we explore more of the ocean… more wrecked
      ships, more unusual deep sea creatures. I don’t see this changing how we

    1. Andrew Orser

      But yes, fusion would be better for earthly and interstellar
      transportation. And thorium for cities and bases, because it’s more
      abundant and easier.

    2. Tyler Walter

      Fusion is still better in most ways but thorium is good for powering cities
      but fusion is good for cars and all that as you can have cold reactions

  7. Martin “Rekalty”

    Haven’t we been 20 years away from Fusion, for the last 60 years?… It’s
    always just 20 years away!
    Anyhow, Long live the NCR!

    1. Danilo “Dantiger” Oliveira

      of course, if you want to go big on He3 fusion reactors, you will need a
      big source of fuel, be it the moon or Jupiter. but the reactor they
      proposed uses tritium/deuterium, that can be found on earth

    2. Bellevue MathClub

      +Danilo “Dantiger” Oliveira It might be better to mine it on Moon though,
      considering it’s surface might be rich of He3 due to being bombarded by
      solar radiation.

    3. Danilo “Dantiger” Oliveira

      no, He3 can be found on earth and manufactured, its just really rare on
      earth. but on earth we can find tritium and deuterium, the main fuel for
      their reactor design.

    4. David Kerr

      this video is BS they problem with fusion reactors is not the design its
      the fuel He3 is found on the moon. till to day they haven’t been successful
      in producing extra energy.

    5. bobviously

      +Martin “Rekalty” Fusion has been creeping ever closer to producing more
      energy out than was put into it. It is very close to that point now.
      Probably the reason more money hasn’t been put into fusion are that oil
      interests have paid off congress, but they can’t hold it back for much
      longer. ITER will produce more out than is put into it, but it is enormous,
      and smaller plants would be far better for us in general, and new fusion
      reactor designs are popping up. Within a few years, given current trends,
      we’ll be there.

  8. ronettreker

    Just a little info for you guys. Of all the three isotopes of Hydrogen-
    Hydrogen 1 (Protium), Hydrogen 2 (Deuterium) and Hydrogen 3 (Tritium), only
    Deuterium and Tritium can be fused in a fusion reactor. Protium can only be
    fused in a star, like the Sun. The most abundant is Protium followed by
    Deuterium with Tritium being the least abundant. For every 1 000 000 atoms
    of Hydrogen, 156 are Deuterium, less than 1 are Tritium and the rest is
    Protium. So fusion reactor fuel is not as abundant as you may think. The
    total amount of energy you can get from fusion reactors is a lot less than
    what you can get from solar converters. Still…the amount of energy you
    get from it is a lot larger than both fission fuel and fossil fuel

  9. asdfghjkl

    If the Protoss have fusion power then why would they ever need more vespane
    gas? Vespane gas is a power source. Have the Terrans developed fusion power
    in Starcraft?

  10. Jason

    The joke was referring to a real time strategy game in the early 2000’s
    called star craft the Protoss built energy pylons to increase their unit
    count. The energy pylon in real life though was a Nikola Tesla idea to
    supply free power to everyone by wireless means. If fusion power
    becomes a reality in a compact form using only heavy water as fuel, then
    it might be possible to realize Tesla’s idea. Just imagine your cell
    phone or electric car never running out of power because it’s always
    within range of a Tesla tower. This will probably be Elon’s next world
    changing business venture. Tesla towers to power Tesla cars.

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