hydrogen cold fusion plasma electrolysis Reactor CFR

the shop, michael raines doing it again
step by step CFR hydrogen cold fuseion electrolysis, Zero point alternative energy
fuel cell

25 thoughts on “hydrogen cold fusion plasma electrolysis Reactor CFR

  1. Ronald McFarland

    okay? I don’t get it is he trying to make steam or to release hydrogen from
    the water? if it’s releasing hydrogen, he’s burning it off as it’s
    released. if he’s trying to make stream he’s using a lot of energy to
    create a small amount of steam. this had nothing to do with zero point
    energy or cold fusion (I think). it also doesn’t have anything to do with
    any of the work that Tesla came up with that our government is keeping
    secret for some reason. if the government was serious about global warming!
    or atmospheric pollution or depleted oil supplies, they would give the
    notebooks and all the work of Nicola Tesla to the universities and
    engineering firms so they could use his work to create cheap, green energy
    for very little cost. I know they’re worried about economic collapse when
    oil is no longer needed, but if they were to build the infrastructure for
    the new energy models along with the distribution of the energy, they would
    own the market, create jobs all over the nation and world, and actually do
    something about pollution, I personally don’t believe in the global warming
    model that the government is trying to foist on us (they’re using the scare
    to make billions for themselves). any global warming is due to solar
    activity, I mean they say that CO2 is filling up the atmosphere and causing
    global warming, but CO2 is heavier than O2 Nitrogen, and all odd the trace
    gasses in the atmosphere which means is near the ground. ever put dry ice
    in water? where does the CO2 that is released go? over the brim of the
    container and straight to the floor. CO2 trapped in lakes in Africa and
    other places, have erupted CO2, killing everything that is in low lying
    areas, all people and animals all die from asphyxiation due to the CO2. CO2
    stays choose to the ground, there are trace amounts in the upper atmosphere
    but not enough to matter. we do, however, have a very serious pollution
    problem. toxins are causing illnesses from contaminated water, we are
    contaminating or oceans from the pesticides and herbicides that are washed
    from the farm fields and into the oceans, lakes, ground water etc, these
    chemicals also build up in the soils making it harder for the soil to
    provide nutrients to the crops. the use of ammonium nitrates in the soil is
    also leaching nutrients from the soil making it impossible to grow anything
    without massive amounts of nitrate compounds. anyone remember the Love
    Canal disaster? imagine it nation wide. plus don’t forget all of the
    nuclear waste we are creating, waste that we can do nothing about except
    bury it, but it’s that really a smart thing to do? shower or later there
    will be a leak, if it hasn’t already happened and nobody bothered to tell
    us about it, which they wouldn’t unless they absolutely had to. Global
    warming? is BS, but pollution is a fact that we need to deal with soon.
    wonder why birds drop out of the sky dead by the thousands, or fish die of
    by the millions, whales, squid, crabs, all washing up on shore dead? the
    fukushima power plant has turned the Pacific Ocean radioactive! look it up,
    it true. how many sea creatures will die of from that? or deformed
    offspring? seals have already been dying from the radiation, with their
    corpses washing up on shore and setting off Geiger counters that
    oceanographic scientists brought out when they couldn’t find any cause,
    except for what appeared to be radiation sickness. get real people, the
    government doesn’t want you to know the truth, they want to get rid of 90%
    of us, and their going about it the right way. look up agenda 21, or the
    new ten commandments of mother earth. they want to depopulate the earth
    down to 500 million, that means they need to get rid of 6 billion people.
    well they’re off to a good start. you can’t trust the government’s, you
    can’t trust corporations, you can’t trust anyone in power. there is only
    one in whom you can trust, to find out who that is, read a book called the
    Holy Bible, theanswers to everything you ever wanted to know about anything
    but we’re afraid to ask is in the Bible. don’t have enough space to explain
    further, just give yourself to Jesus, repent of you wrongs, ask Him to
    forgive you, and He will and you will never have to worry where you silk
    spend what we would call eternity (that’s actually the wrong term because
    time won’t exist there). it’s the same message today as it was 2,000 years
    ago and more, “Repent for the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand”! do it before
    it’s too late.

  2. MadMetalManiac74

    first I would suggest knowing what cold fusion is in the first place before
    trying to create it. this guy really doesn’t know what he’s doing or
    talking about. you can tell in this video…. it shows! he’s all like “I
    think this is cold fusion so it must be!”
    yup sounds pretty legit right? lol 😄. womp womp womp……not cold fusion.

  3. Geovani Nogueira

    As you make careless research, you end up making a stupid experiment like
    this. I deeply suggest you to apologise and delete this video….

  4. pyroguyman096

    This is not fusion. You are performing hydro electrolysis. Nothing more
    than separating the Oxygen and Hydrogen atoms from water molecules, and
    them burning them. You aren’t creating Helium with Hydrogen atoms

  5. Bardrick

    This looks cool, but this is not the design of the “cold fusion” reactor.
    The “cold fusion” reactor is a battery that uses palladium electrodes to
    compress deuterium ions into the metal.

    Call it an underwater arc reactor.

    Also if you arn’t detecting neutrons, there is no fusion! Buy a neutron

  6. gippi86

    you dumbass.. this has nothing to do with nuclear fusion. you’re just
    breaking down the hydrogen bubbles ionizing them and allowing an arc to
    form. A tiny tiny tiny fraction of those hydrogens are in the boltzmann
    region corresponding to fusion threshold energies (and not “cold” at all),
    you need much more than that to do fusion. stop with this cold fusion

  7. Ro Miller

    electric eels perform cold fusion within the waters giving you an exciting
    experience but they perform cold fusion within the cells of their body

  8. wape1

    People, this isn’t fusion. Look up what kind of radiation a hydrogen fusion
    process releases. If that man actually achieved fusion (doesn’t matter if
    it’s “cold”) he would be incredibly dead, not to mention breaking the laws
    of physics.

  9. Isabella Magallanes

    this is hydrogen and oxygen fusion. to make this set up useful as energy
    source, the fusion should at least can create a temperature of 10 million

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