Cold Fusion – Redneck Style – Test 2a

Second test using tap water and 220v AC converted to DC through Diode bridge.

20 thoughts on “Cold Fusion – Redneck Style – Test 2a

  1. rcmotorsect

    Real cold fusion is done on heavy water (D2O) and uses a palladium cathode.
    D2O molecules are striped of their electrons than the (+) D2 gets sucked
    into the palladium Electrode (-) there, with some coaxing, they fuse
    together to make He4 (helium) and a ton of heat, as far as I know. This
    video shows simple electrolysis which is splitting a H2O molecule into
    hydrogen and oxygen gas. Sorry dude, but its just electrolysis and some
    sparks from your 220volts in the presence of H2 and O2 gas.

  2. Al Somethin

    ok what is this exactly ?are you passing a.c. current through water or is
    power coming out of this reaction how is this fusion? looks more like
    electrolysis with hydrogen and oxygen collecting in the same place with an
    arc of electricity snapping about in side .

  3. Dakota Lally

    I did this when I was 10 years old. I was fascinated, thought I had
    successfully replicated an experiment and indeed was witnessing cold
    fusion. Turns out, the unit was getting hot because of the electricity
    conducted, not fusion, all I had done was built an electrolysis unit.
    Understandable that I was fascinated, considering I was 10. But for a grown
    person to think the same when they aren’t using the right equipment, is
    truly redneck. However, I don’t want to hate on rednecks, or the mentally
    challenged, so we need a new word for your type.

    1. Was Colligan

      +Dakota Lally yes true when if you make one of these you can make that, but
      the when its done right and you measure the amount of energy that comes out
      compared to the amount of electricity you put in then there’s an excess.
      Yes there are some studies that cant prove it, while also there have been
      numerous others that have succeeding in getting it to work. Like if you
      look at the raw data from the original cold fusion experiment it does show
      a greater energy out put than imput, but the problem is a lot of data was
      sabotaged and changed cuz it didnt fit the model scientists used and still

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