Cold Fusion Plasma 9

Trying out something different with a plug outside the box.

36 thoughts on “Cold Fusion Plasma 9

  1. Steve Rabon

    Why you got cold fusion in the description? Stick your finger in it to see
    how cold it is. Fusion is when two or more elements are fused together. I
    am wondering what two or more element are you fusing together?

  2. michael chambers

    Can it push a piston? You should try attempt running 12v step it up to 120v
    on the spark plug in an combustion engine running water.

  3. MAN CAVE NO.1

    To me…this looks like someone putting a water-vapor mist in a small
    chamber and then sparking HV electricity through it…but that’s it. There
    is nothing here that shows this water is “burning” or creating more energy
    than it’s taking…..looks like it’s just sparking through the water vapor
    and making a nice “POP” when the vapor get’s hit with the electricity and
    gets hot…maybe making steam….so in essence what you have here is a
    really dangerous water heating device, but nothing more.
    Sure, I could be wrong though as there’s enough people throwing around
    pseudo-scientific words.

    1. Lost In Space Electronics

      +MAN CAVE NO.1 exactly right no water on fire aka its just the popping of
      120vac and its creating plasma small arcs and it pushes the arcs in the
      water out of it good thinking man

  4. Jan Erik Kristiansen

    So if this works the way I think it does, it’s electrolysis from plasma,
    which then ignites the hydrogen and oxygen instantly in one go?
    The goal itself, is to be able to drive continuously without being
    dependent of petroleum products, but with the full use of only plain, tap
    water, right?
    I have to try this out as well! =D

    1. B Yoshikazu

      Quantum leaps are involved in hydrino transitions? Not according to the
      teams who are producing them in the lab. The emission spectrum of a hydrino
      transition is similar in concept to continuum synchrotron radiation.

      The electron can and has been classically modeled as an extended 2D
      membrane of current surrounding the nucleus in full accordance with all
      known physical laws. This idea was originated back in 1910 well before the
      Quantum faery tale train took over. It is completely mathematically and
      physically sound requiring all of ZERO of the faery tale make-believe
      fantasy postulates of QM. Look up the Nonradiation condition and enlighten

      Until then enjoy the parallel mind universe or whichever of the 15
      different interpretations of QM in which you put your faith. Perhaps if you
      devote your entire life to it, you can be the first QM true-believer to
      analytically solve for the ionization energy of lithium using The
      Schrodinger Equation. Also, please remember to keep a watchful eye out for
      the Moon or it might disappear.

      +Jan Gretza​​​​​

    2. Jan Gretza

      Thanks for totally disqualifying yourself from beeing worthy a discussion
      so quickly. Saves a lot of time to know that you have no clue about physics *at
      all* and are obviously only here to support the hoax (shouldn’t have
      written about “continuum radiation” when quantum leaps are involved, or
      those totally misinterpreted QM stuff if you intended to troll me for

    3. Jan Gretza

      You didn’t get my point (as you didn’t get what actually happens there). Of
      course the hydrogen-oxygen recombination isn’t what you see. *You*,
      however, should have a look what a disturbed electrical arc discharge looks
      like (more or less exactly like this video).

      And BTW, 200 eV x-rays (i.e. roughly 6.2 nm wavelength) are not absorbed
      and re-emitted as visible light by atmospheric gases in any noteworthy
      amounts here – air is simply not dense enough. Even if they were, the vast
      majority of energy would be re-emitted as likewise invisible UV light.

      Also: Thou shalt not lie. “This is a well-documented effect that has been
      thoroughly validated by numerous PhDs from top engineering schools.” –
      Quite the contrary. The vast majority of physicists considers this as
      bullshit. The mere fact that Mills hasn’t been able to produce a single
      working, convincing prototype that actually delivers noteworthy more energy
      than you put into it in *over 20 years* (despite claiming from the
      beginning that it’ll become available within the next 18 months) should
      make you think about it – after all, the hypothesized effect isn’t that
      complicated. It’s nothing but a pseudoscientific hoax.

    4. B Yoshikazu

      Please show me a video of hydrogen and oxygen combustion that looks
      anything like this. 1.4eV per molecule looks a lot different than the 200
      eV transition to the 1/4th fractional state.

      Admittedly that is something of a qualitative argument and it could
      possibly be due to a high field, but still doesn’t look like this. Here you
      can see the plasma expanding beyond the electrodes much the same as in
      Blacklight’s demo which definitively does not have any high field.

      If you want more compelling evidence of transition reactions I present for
      your viewing pleasure the following.

      At the end of this comment is a listing of an additional 96 publications in
      many peer reviewed journals of strong scientific evidence of transition
      reactions. You can also throw in 12 analytical tests including nMRI,
      calorimetry, and X-ray spectroscopy conducted by qualified PhDs from top
      engineering schools. You can even see evidence in the popular media with
      all of the astrophysical observations coming in on dark matter and its
      likely true nature as being fractional hydrogen states.

      Make-believe might be fun, living in a parallel mind universe where a
      legion of 10,000 scientists construct a warp core from Star Trek over at
      CERN. Unfortunately for tax payers, warp cores and a Higgs scalar field are
      fantasy and have about as much chance of being real as an electron being in
      your computer screen and another galaxy simultaneously.

      Meanwhile back in reality, scientists over at Blacklight along with a few
      Fortune 500 engineering firms are about to revolutionize the world.

      Sorry, but I’ll take science over quantum folklore and fairy tales any day.

      +Jan Gretza​​

    5. B Yoshikazu

      +Jan Gretza
      It’s continuum radiation which produces photons in the 10-30 nm region.
      An arc discharge doesn’t really look nor sound like what is seen in this
      video; what is seen looks very much like a transition reaction explosion
      both by the shape of the blast and the light being produced. Additionally
      this setup, apparently, isn’t running the thousands of volts necessary to
      produce an arc discharge of that size. Doesn’t really make sense what you
      are claiming.

      Finally and more relevantly, the controlled demonstrations done at
      Blacklight are done at 5 v, no high-field and have been verified by
      noteworthy PhDs. They’ve even reproduced the transition reactions in their
      own labs using their own materials many hundreds of times.

      If you honestly believe in your stated maxim of “Thou shalt not lie” I
      suggest petitioning your fellow fraudsters over at CERN to shut down their
      expensive fairytale machine.

      It’ll be fitting to see taxpayers hold these people personally accountable
      for some of the many billions in public funds that have been dumped down
      the drain in pursuit of nonsense “physics” which violate all known laws. QM
      may hold that angular momentum, kinetic energy, vacuum energy, virtual
      photons, and singularities all may come in infinite quantities but
      unfortunately, public funds do not.

      Honestly don’t you think after 20 years if someone who was associated with
      Blacklight or had visited there even suspected fraud it would be all over
      Wikipedia? Instead what we have are the QM practitioners who claim the moon
      doesn’t exist until observed, the existence of magic scalar Higgs fields,
      dead and alive cats, infinite this, infinite that, calling out real science
      as “fraud”. QM has even gone so far as to say its theories can no longer be
      tested and should be accepted on faith. Is that really science? Blacklight
      isn’t claiming to do anything except apply known classical laws to solve
      problems that QM hasn’t been able to in 100 years.

      So classical laws applied to solve how nature works backed up with
      countless experiments verified by dozens of PhDs, and not one negative
      thing to say by anyone who has been actually involved with the work. Just
      step back and look at the big picture for a second and think about it.

    1. easymoney4ever

      Nope, just in its infancy. The world is about to change. Are you ready?
      It’s going to be one hell of a glorious ride for all of us here on the
      third rock from the sun. Yay 🙂

    1. easymoney4ever

      No, the light is the same spectrum as the sun. So those micro photo voltaic
      cell technology now has usefulness as they can capture 1000 suns, but we
      only have 1 sun. But that plasma is 10,000 X more intense than our sun,
      which makes that photo voltaic cell tech that will take us off of fossil

  5. crabs101010101

    1st off all your doing is making an arc-flash. second. fusion is a nuclear
    reaction not an electrical reaction. the only thing u got right is that u
    made plasma by destroying your equipment. whatever the hell that is a spark

    1. kandysman86

      +crabs101010101 lol, yet u never explain how radiofrequency transmuted
      metal. tesla DID the same thing, not tried. If you are truly a electrician,
      and you are not in awe of what all tesla did then you surly are the feeble

  6. Tony Smith

    If someone could get a radiation detector to work near all those high
    voltage, EM pulses, it would be interesting to see if a small amount of
    radiation shows up. Maybe make a cloud chamber near it or some SEALED photo
    film to see what it puts off. After all, lightning generates alot of Xrays
    and probably a whole slew of other particles.

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