Cold Fusion: How it works

Cold Fusion. Explain this, if you can.

This was gathered April 20th 2009, roughly 20 years after the initial 1989 press conference where their findings were shot to shreds, instead of the scientific community pulling together and trying experiments to make it work.

29 thoughts on “Cold Fusion: How it works

  1. starview1

    Russia’s oil industry will be kaput.Places like Ireland will have their own
    energy source. In short no reason to fight over energy, because energy will
    be almost free to create.

  2. Matt Torres

    Smh.. This cold fusion crap has been going on for DECADES. If it was really
    a viable way to produce energy then why hasn’t anyone made a working
    generator out of it? Lets just say that the science wasn’t there to support
    it, who cares? If it was actually possible this should have no problems
    gaining private funding and we would have seen something by now. Just give
    it up guys

  3. Bradley Hartson

    So if I’m understanding this the way it should be understood. Cold fusion
    is difficult to achieve, because it’s all about getting the ingrediential
    proportions to the size of the reactor right, similar to how gun powder was
    once difficult to recreate and get right as well…. assuming that cold
    fusion would work at all. Right?

  4. Gary Y.

    I love how most of the people adamantly defending this garbage as some
    “miracle green energy source” are just angst 15 year olds who think they
    know everything about chemistry and physics because they watch videos like
    these in their free time.

    1. Linsie Harris

      +Gary Y. Then how do you explain the Pd-D loading experiemtn where neutrons
      where generated (The were detected by damaged plastic that was used as a
      “canary bird” in the experiment.)?

    1. MysteriusBhoice

      +Xiao Gao STUPID DETECTOR READING 100000000000000000000000000

      there are neutrons released and they decay producing a crapton of dangerous
      MeV level of energy and even just 1 MeV being able to break 1,000,000
      chemical bonds

      even if the production stops when the unit is off and no waste is produced
      because neutrons are particles that fly out

      while it runs it still can kill you if its real and you stand next to it!!

  5. GucciManeSaysBURR

    Why do people listen to this garbage? The reaction explained in the video
    is entirely incorrect.
    The D-D reaction will either result in proton branching or neutron
    branching, and will only release 4 MeV and 3.3 MeV respectively, not 24
    Not everything is a conspiracy theory, or some suppressed master
    technology. You’re all suckers if you buy into this trite.

    1. GucciManeSaysBURR

      Just the ionization of the gases formed upon electrolysis. There isn’t even
      any temperature or energy production data, just some bright flashy colors.
      This isn’t art class, science is based on data.

    2. GucciManeSaysBURR

      With high enough voltage (not actually that high really), you’ll turn the
      hydrogen and oxygen to plasma and upon quick recombination you’ll get light

  6. SuckTitles

    Teleportation: How it works

    “It’s traveling to another place in an instant. You cannot achieve this by
    running towards it. Ok bye.”

    1. Andrew harbit

      +No Label teleportation is achieved via harmonic resonance of 2 areas,
      vibrating as 1. our concept of distance between objects is flawed due to
      the fact that energy is everything.

    2. Eli Zsia

      +SuckTitles Teleportation is creating a worm hole surrounding your space,
      having another worm hole device at the destination, using a quantum state
      worm hole that surrounds the mechanism like a vortex. The vortex pulls up
      up, then the vortex starts to detach and close from the botton, the
      destination is already active to recieve the wormhole from the point of
      origin, then the destination vortex opens up the worm hole…… The point
      of origin and the destintion gate way can not both be open at the same
      time, as the space from both gateways would pull on each other acting like
      a black hole….. At the destination device the vortex is inverted from the
      top to the bottom….

      Think about how a tornado works when it hits the ground and sucks things up
      in its funnel, To create a wormhole that uses a vortex you need to create a
      black hole at the top of the device, but the black hole would need to close
      instantly, the room of the device would be emtpy and only contain the
      device that creates the gateways, The black hole is created by a collider,
      and before the particles become a black hole, you need to program a
      frequency into them, because particles can carry a freqency, the
      destination device needs to be programed to the same frequency in which at
      the bottom of the device the black hole is created… But the desination
      black hole is actually a small quazar which releases instead of pulling on
      space… …….. Obviously you will need to create black holes and quazar
      type devices to create wormholes and teleportation…

  7. ednuttah

    Bit of a palaver all those expensive metals, all those specific voltage and
    current pulses, all the hassle of creating D2O in the first place. It’s no

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