Cold Fusion Hot Again – 60 Minutes

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Info: Cold Fusion Is Hot Again
A report on cold fusion — nuclear energy like that which powers the sun, but made at room temperatures on a tabletop, which in 1989, was presented as a revolutionary new source of energy that promised to be cheap, limitless and clean but was quickly dismissed as junk science. Today, scientists believe that cold fusion, now most often called low temperature fusion or a nuclear effect, could lead to monumental breakthroughs in energy production.

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37 thoughts on “Cold Fusion Hot Again – 60 Minutes

  1. Patrick Welch

    I get the feeling that old man Garwin would kill himself if CF were proven
    to work. One of those old man obstructionists trying to protect his status
    and reputation. Arrogant prick.

  2. B. Constable

    The devil and god were always blamed for things our ancestors did not
    understand. Now it seems that we blame big business for these same things.
    It does not work. Get over it!

    1. Jim Hunt

      +B. Constable Who killed the electric car? I’m not saying you’re wrong, but
      a little paranoia is healthy when it comes to people protecting 100s of
      billions of dollars in profit.

  3. Steph T

    I’m so very glad that 60 Minutes got to Professor Fleishman before he died,
    to inform him that he would indeed be recognised for his contributions to

  4. exxodas

    11:10 he is our modern day Galileo. They shunned him into obscurity, but in
    his heart he knew all along. RIP sir, it won’t be very long till we have
    spacecraft and exoplanets named after you.

    1. steveb0503

      +batmandeltaforce If those results are as “repeatable” as you (and others)
      claim they supposedly are – “cold-fusion” would have widespread acceptance
      throughout the particle physics community. That’s how it works – if you
      prove others wrong (in spite of their resistance to an idea), the ONLY
      thing that matter is THE FACTS.

    2. steveb0503

      +batmandeltaforce Well if it’s not fusion – what the hell is it? I
      mean, if it IS producing surplus neutrons as he claims, then it would HAVE
      to be nuclear. I just think he’s not utilizing strict enough protocols and
      is suffering from confirmation bias.

      One more thing, just because no one can PROVE he’s NOT accomplishing “cold
      fusion” (or whatever other kind of nuclear reaction he claims to be
      creating), that does not mean that it’s any more likely that he (in point
      of fact) is. He needs to present empirical, repeatable evidence that he is
      – that’s Skepticism 101 dude.

    3. batmandeltaforce

      well, the the process is not technically fusion at all, or so says the
      founder. He said his biggest mistake was calling it fusion. I don’t believe
      it’s fully understood yet, but that doesn’t make it less real or viable.

    4. steveb0503

      +batmandeltaforce You miss my point – I’m not talking about commercial
      enterprise here, I’m talking about the scientific community. They are not
      instigating some sort of grand conspiracy to “suppress the truth about

      And as far as research goes – I don’t need to do any research when I
      already have a rudimentary understanding of the difference between a
      chemical reaction and a nuclear one. Any reaction that can facilitate a
      fusion of atomic nuclei would require an energy level that could never be
      described as “cold”. The reason nuclear reactions do not occur at
      chemical-reaction energy-levels is because there is insufficient energy to
      pierce the electron-shell barriers surrounding each atom – it is the very
      same reason atoms do not literally “touch” one another (the negative
      charges of the electron-clouds repel one another with a force greater than
      that which can be exceeded by non-nuclear means or pressures that can by
      produced without applying MASSIVE amounts of energy – which again, would
      make the reaction “hot”).

      It’s simply not possible. It’s like trying to create an over-unity device –
      a fool’s errand. If I am proven wrong (which, I WON’T be) – I will
      literally eat my shorts.

    5. batmandeltaforce

      It does. Do a little research. Right now the patent office is keeping it
      down. Who is going to invest with everything on the line. You know how it
      works, the same way they squelched Tesla.

  5. uhhh what

    Amazing, Americans discredited non Jewish scientists only to fund Israeli
    Jews to continue the research so when it finally does go global they take
    the credit and profits for it. LOL Americans…

    1. Maga Laan

      +uhhh what Silly angle. Experiments are continued in France, Sweden, and
      India as well. First one that can up with something that works reliable has

  6. Jesper Berggren

    It would be just DIVINE if cold fusion now gets it’s real breakthrough.
    Just shows how much bullshit established scientists talk. Just as ordinary

  7. AKlover

    If it worked you’d find a non-governmental funding source fast. Too much
    money to be made throwing the established power sources under the bus.

  8. Atanas Dimitrov

    The Israeli have no idea how much the world will be in debt to them after
    they do this !!!! Coz I am starting to think America ( the “better part” of
    it )just don’t want this … not now! 

    1. Maga Laan

      Lots of successful experiments are never heard of after because the
      military takes over and keeps it secret or big companies put them cold
      because they have vested interests in existing technologies. Meanwhile we
      are fighting unnecessary wars over resources that are kept scarce on
      purpose. I think we need more real democracy and less let ourselves be
      intimidated and manipulated by scare stories.

    2. Atanas Dimitrov

      +LENR energy foundation It is great there are many nations supporting the
      research process. Hope we see something really great asap. This is the key
      to many many problems in our world (not all) as I see it. What I do not
      like is that I seem to find benefit to all with this project, yet it still
      seems as the most desperate ones of us are to embrace the idea more
      dearly/support greatly (US? Israel – we know where a lot of oil is at/
      Japan – relying solely on import of oil). I would love to see the world
      unite for a common cause such as C-F much more definitively. But it could
      be worse, so I should stop whining and wish good luck to the guys actually
      doing the job.

    3. LENR energy foundation

      The company ‘Energetics’ has, after this segment aired, been absorbed by
      the University of Missouri in the USA. Their research is continued at the
      UoM where the last major C-F conference was held.

      If we are in any debt to a country it should be Japan whose large public
      investments were critical in keeping C-F research alive in the early 90′.
      They produced groundbreaking results which supported the claims of P/F. The
      Italians also made/are making substantial contributions to the field.

    1. schwarzfalk

      +Jip Jackson *”after a year in operation at a plant somewhere I think
      Southern US show a COP of 6″*
      alrite assuming this COP ain’t a COPout, is there a credible *link* to this
      somewhere on the web?

    2. Jip Jackson

      +schwarzfalk Oops, you may be eating your foot. Test results after a year
      in operation at a plant somewhere I think Southern US show a COP of 6 or
      more at least according to many. Even 6 would change this whole planet.

  9. Marty Lynchian

    I call bullshit on this. Show me the data. You can’t even do hot fusion in
    a way to gain energy. What a load of crap. This is snake oil salesman.

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