Cold Fusion: Fire From Water – FREE MOVIE

Follows the controversy following the discovery of Cold Fusion and free energy, once debunked but now questions again are asked.

17 thoughts on “Cold Fusion: Fire From Water – FREE MOVIE

  1. luthir1540

    Oddly they didn’t touch on the new form or a newer form of cold fusion that
    that uses mining bi-product in the same devices that nuclear uses and wont
    burn over 850 degrees and its worse case is unattended it burns out , ill
    try and find it again and link it here , this was an interesting video and
    did show a few promising things which yes have been forced off the table .
    Like he said at one time it was heresy so they could go on and kill you ,
    it was ok , the Devil was possessing you , they were only saving you
    right 😉 still doing the same thing only the people and places have
    changed . . .

  2. Unpack Guy

    Cold fusion possible but at 25°C, it will take 40 years to generate 1 kg of
    hydrogen fusion.Here is how:

    If you have 250°C of heat in your hand you get to have a fire.
    If you have 1500°C of heat in your hand, you get to melt iron.
    If you have 1.6 Million °C of heat in your hand you get to have fission
    If you have of 13M°C of heat in your hand you get to fuse hydrogen atoms.
    If you have 100 Billion °C of heat in your hand you get to make gold.

    You see you need heat or energy input. Room temperature fusion of course
    possible. It just Heat vs time, how long will it take to generate 1 kg
    hydrogen fusion at room temperature? First let’s compare different fuels.
    Burn time is the time it takes to power steam engines in power stations
    which used to generate electricity.

    1 kg of coal = 8 kWh, burn time: 15 minutes @250°C.
    1 kg of petrol = 24 kWh, burn time: 45 minutes @250°C.
    1 kg or uranium fission= 112 MWh, burn time: 4 months @250°C.
    1 kg of hydrogen fusion = 1.12 GWh, burn time: 4 years @250°C.

    It will take 4 years to generate 1 kg of hydrogen fusion at 250°C. If room
    temperature is 25°C. It will take 40 years to generate 1kg of hydrogen
    fusion. Puff, who wants to wait the long for an energy? So COLD FUSION
    possible but will be a waste. Go to a other different possible direction. 

  3. Gilles D Natmara

    Great and very interesting movie on the cold fusion. Welcome to you and our
    friends for discovering the movies about my realizations art new invention. Jeu
    écologique, Art nouvelle invention,Yachirym, Béa, Claude/in et leurs amis,
    ecological game.. Good visit to you. Gilles

  4. Sheng Sun

    even SCOTTY is trying to help us explore COLD FUSION, COME ON PEOPLE, more
    funds for this, how many scientists had to be ridiculed, jailed and even
    killed for beneficial discoveries?!

  5. Kevin Beckenham

    Very excellent documentary on cold fusion,and very informative on latest
    research in this field nuclear chemistry / physics. Instead of spending our
    money on war let’s spend it on science to benfit man kind and all Jehovah
    creation,like H.G.Wells 1936 film The things to come.

  6. sharper68

    My point is even if they nailed it today it would not see the light of day
    for decades as there are ultra powerful interests that can not afford it to
    see it on the market yet.

  7. sharper68

    Not remotely true, there has been plenty of tech that has never made it to
    the shelves not because it did not work but because patents were held by
    the wrong person or that non competitive forces drove the better product
    out by hook or crook. We might imagine we live in a world where the best
    tech wins out and we continue to advance but advancement is no longer our
    goal only money is. If there is more money to be found holding a new idea
    back than pushing it forward you can bet it will be done.

  8. joshuaoha

    Every time a new technology is proven to be cheaper and more effective, a
    corporation arises to take advantage of it. This technology however, does
    not work yet.

  9. Tom Lundy

    Let’s be honest… big oil and big pharma own the world governments. They
    influence everything and own the media. Clean energy that is presented here
    is out there but in small esoteric communities. Literally family groups
    that keep quiet for safety purposes.

  10. joshuaoha

    Sorry Scotty. Every time we try cold fusion, it takes more electricity to
    sustain the reaction, than we can get from it….. if it worked so well,
    some corporation would be making billions from it.

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